How do your Moon’s needs affect your choices?

The moon guides your emotional needs
The moon guides our emotional needs and points to our most recent past life.

While your Sun Sign represents the energy that fuels your life purpose, your Moon Sign represents those unconscious needs that, when unfulfilled or disowned, sap your energy and leave you feeling flat, overwhelmed, or just plain emotional. Your Moon Sign indicates what you need to feel comfortable, peaceful and centered. (See Part One of an Astrological Primer…)

As we did with the Sun Signs, let’s take a quick spin through the Moon Signs to see how we consciously address our Moon’s needs or unconsciously disown them. When your needs are disregarded, your ability to make your best choices is compromised.
If you don’t know your Moon Sign, find it here, and contact me for a complimentary 15-minute Sun/Moon consultation.)

The moon isn’t comfortable when it’s in Aries, and therefore “comfort” means an entirely different thing to you. To be comfortable, you need to take action, to be in movement, to get things started. Stagnation drives you batty. How have you honored your need to be in action today? If you haven’t, that may explain why you’re feeling internally irritated.

The moon is very happy in Taurus. Taurus Moon wants to be “comfortable” in all the typical ways… soft surroundings, plush fabrics, delicious foods… and you will NOT be pushed into doing anything you haven’t fully chewed over. If you’re being pressured into taking action, you will stop all activity and refuse to move. When you honor your need to digest the full implications of a plan in the comfort of your own space, you can feel at peace.

In the element of air, Gemini moon feelings are processed through your thoughts, and unless there’s water elsewhere in your chart, those thoughts can get out of hand in a hurry! While you need the stimulation of conversation and the company of others, you equally need time to process that endless stream of information you have been gathering. Gemini moon needs time to “decompress”, to be alone with your thoughts… but not too long, or you’ll start to obsess!

When the moon is in Cancer, your emotions are always just under the surface. Unless your Sun is also in water, there is a great temptation to disown all that emotion and make it someone else’s “problem”. Don’t do it. This can lead to feeling entirely cut off from yourself, and you will wind up feeling either flat or entirely miserable. What feelings do you always convict others of having? Look in the mirror. Own what’s yours… You are a deeply feeling person, who cares… we need you out here!

Let’s face it Leo moon, you want to be “on center stage”… at least when your hair’s in place and all is right with the world. When all is not right with the world, you are no where to be found, off in a corner somewhere, licking the wounds of your considerable pride. And you have a lot to be proud of! Not too many people can light up a room the way you can when you’re “on”. Just remember not to take people’s apparent “disloyalty” personally… they may have a life too! Always give yourself time to pamper yourself… you deserve it!

You Virgo moons can be SO hard on yourselves! Jeez! Let up for a moment, and give yourself credit for your considerable accomplishments! When you are on a roll, your need for order and your inherent ability to organize fulfill your need to be useful and of service. (Yes, You! Dwelling on what’s left to be done deprives you of clear thought!) You need clarity of thought, and an environment that is not too overwhelmed with perceptible “details”.

Another one who thinks their feelings is the moon in Libra. Your need for connection and relationship is at the foundation of who you are, but because this is an element of thought, you may forget how much your heart needs other people around. Be careful of getting so caught up with what’s fair and equal that you push away those in your life that make it worth living. Yes, you need equality and fairness, and… you also need beauty, harmony and love.

Ah, Scorpio moons… dark, mysterious, intriguing… your need to cut the “crap” can get you into trouble, as you tend to dispense with the “fripperies” of superficial conversation in favor of what’s “real”. You need to remember that not everyone has the stomach to look into the dark the way you can… we need you around to keep us real, but never forget what you need most: intense and passionate CONNECTION on as deep a level as the other person can handle.

Now you Sagittarius moons can get so mesmerized by philosophical potentials that you forget to take care of the little annoying “details” of day-to-day living… like food and paying the bills. Sure, life could be more satisfying if everyone went after their dreams and shot for the stars like you do, but your need to be “significant” can be undermined by your overlooking what’s needed right now.

Hey, you CEO Capricorn Moon, your executive ability stands you in good stead but there is a real need in your heart for unconditional love. Everyone needs love of course, but you Capricorn moons are so darned good at being “effective” and “making things happen” that you forget you’re an earth sign who needs to get dirty now and then. When someone loves you, you are afraid there’s a “catch”… just relax and be loved, already.

Ever the idealist, Aquarius moon wants to challenge the “status quo” in an effort to bring humanity into an utopian age. That’s why you like to freak us out and watch us wriggle in shock. You need change, innovation, excitement and brotherhood. You need to be seen as different, out there, and maybe even a little “eccentric”. (That is, unless your hard to pin down moon is ruled by Saturn and then you may be very different indeed, preferring button-downed shirts to purple with silver stripes.)

When the moon shines brightly in Pisces, you are someone who can feel connected to everyone, everywhere, at once. For you boundaries can be a challenge because you love to feel this connection and… you are an individual with individual needs. What is vital to your existence is knowing both: Yes, you are here to help as many people as you can AND Yes, you get to have what you need and be who you are at the same time.

Well, that’s my tiny taste of the Moon for all of you (yes, it is made of cheese ;-).)

Remember, whenever an astrologer discusses a planet in a sign, they are talking about the pure essence of that combination. Just as a perfume is composed of several different scents at once, describing just the “rose” undertone, or the “gardenia”, or the “bergamot” is to leave out how those scents blend into the “single” scent you perceive on your skin. Your natal chart is far more complex than a perfume…

If you would like to know how your chart combines to blend the unique perfume of you, and how to work with your Moon needs to promote your Soul’s Development, please feel free to contact me!

Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

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