Mindful Astrology

Solar bathes the Earth
How does your Solar Energy show up in your life?

What is “Mindful Astrology”?

Perhaps the first question is: “What is mindfulness?” In a nutshell, mindfulness is the act of being present to your life in each moment: not in the past of “what happened”, not in the future of “what might happen” but what’s actually happening right… now.

Unless you’re a clairvoyant, you cannot know with a certainty what will happen in the future (and that leaves out choice), nor can you go back and change the past. What you can do is be in the present moment and choose how you will respond to what’s here.

Mindful Astrology is the practice of learning your soul’s purpose in this life and then creating that outcome with intention.

Mindful Astrology is the practice of learning your:

  • unconscious tendencies
  • your natural gifts
  • your soul’s purpose in this life
and then creating that outcome with intention.

What do I mean by “intention”?

As the saying goes, “we don’t know what we don’t know”, and so, until we know something we are powerless to affect it. Once we do know something, we are empowered to utilize this knowledge with a purpose, with intention, with mindfulness.

Blending Co-Active Coaching with Astrology brings Soul Purpose clarity through Mindfulness.

I’ve developed a modality that helps my clients discover their Soul’s Purpose. With this knowledge in hand we apply coaching practices to begin to live that Purpose with conscious intention.

Where does the Astrology come in?

Your Astrological Natal Chart represents a map of your tools. As you become more aware of the tools you have, you can begin to use them consciously in making the choices that reflect the life that supports your Soul’s evolution.

Some of the things we learn about in Mindful Astrology are:

  • The tools your Soul chose for this journey of development. These tools reflect what your Soul is looking to create.
  • How to get out of our own way by understanding that your challenges reflect your Soul’s Purpose. What you encounter every day points to what your Soul is struggling to accomplish. You just need new glasses to see through.
  • How your tools and challenges work together.
  • And finally, how to create your best life.

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