An Astrological Primer – Moon Sign

What is your “Moon Sign”?

A very sensible Aries Sun/Capricorn Moon friend of mine recently said: “It’s still not clear… to me what it means when you refer to the Moon “being in” Aries? I think of the Moon as always being in the sky and illuminating me and my life…” And this statement got me to thinking that perhaps an Astrological Primer is in order?

An astrological natal chart is a map of the planets (plus the Sun & Moon) in our solar system as they move through the constellations in the Milky Way. For thousands of years, starting with the Sumerians of 3500–3000 BC (according to the Babylonians from 1200 BC), people have been tracking the movement of the planets through the astrological constellations from their perspective on Earth.

The below is an image of my own natal chart. The horoscope circle represents the constellations overhead from our perspective here in New York. At the moment of my birth the planets of our solar system were located in the below constellations indicated on the circle. So, to say that my “Moon is in Aries” means that at the moment of my birth, the Moon was transiting the constellation of Aries; the Sun was transiting the constellation of Libra, Mercury was transiting the constellation of Virgo… etc.

Christine's Natal Chart
The Natal Chart representing the moment of my birth.

Confused? Toss out questions… that’s what I’m here for!

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