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Alphonse Mucha Zodiac circa 1896

Intentional Astrology for Personal Development

This unique and exciting new method, blends the Ancient Science of Astrology with Modern, Co-Active Coaching, to create direction and clarity in your life.

Starting Work Together: With the exception of the Life Path Strategy, all work begins with a NatalEnergetics Discovery to set the foundation for understanding who the client is, what motivates them, and what their tools and challenges may be.
Don’t know where to start? Contact Me using the Contact form at the right and we’ll figure it out.

Programs: Looking to make some changes in your life? An Astrological Program provides on-going monthly support and is generally six to twelve months in length. These programs are designed to illuminate your path to direction and clarity. Fees based upon program selected.

Contact me for more information about program availability!

The below sessions can be scheduled individually and may be included in your program.

Life Path Strategy Session (20 minutes)

A quick peek into what energizes you, your emotional needs, how you express these two possibly very different qualities with an eye towards being strategic.

NatalEnergetics Discovery (90-minutes)

Sets the foundation for Astrological Development Coaching and is the first step in any astrological work we do together. In this session we explore the essential “You,” the tools & challenges you came in with and how you choose to utilize these gifts today.

AstralEnergetics Forecast (60-minutes)

Explores the energies that are moving into and out of your life at this time and how you choose to work with them.

KarmicEnergetics (60-minutes)

Explores the karma that has ripened that needs to be addressed in this lifetime.

ProgressivEnergetics (60-minutes)

Looks at the the evolution of your chart, who you have become and what’s available to you now.

SolarEnergetics (60-minutes)

A yearly look, based upon your Sun Sign, at the type of energies moving into your life. This session allows you to explore alternate ways to approach your life knowing the types of experiences likely to come your way and how you want to position yourself to address them. Includes Report.

LunarEnergetics Forecast (30-minutes)

A monthly look, based upon your Moon Sign, at the type of energies moving into your life. This session allows you to explore alternate ways to approach your life knowing, your emotional needs, the types of experiences likely to come your way and how you want to be mindful to address them. A day-to-day energy exploration comes with this session report. Includes Report.

RelationalEnergetics (1.5-2 hours)

Includes Natal Chart Comparisons of a two people’s charts. Explores their strengths & challenges as a couple. Suitable for any type of relationship: familial, business, friendship or romance.

LocationalEnergetics (60-minutes)

Explores how the energies in different cities may affect you.

CoachingEnergetics (30-45 minutes)

These sessions combine what we have learned about your astrological makeup with coaching to develop and implement a plan to consciously pursue your Soul’s Development through the life you are living today. Utilizing your tools to overcome, and integrate your challenges through ASDC expands upon your understanding of your Soul Purpose and how to make it real. The coaching model, described in “What is Life Coaching?” provides the foundation for these sessions.

CoachingEnergetics Sessions going forward will continue to include astrological references and requested additional chart work will incur different fees.

Printed Reports: Unless indicated, reports are available for all sessions at an additional cost.

Recordings: Recordings of sessions are available at no extra cost. Please let me know you would like to record your session(s) in advance.

Appointments should be made 2 weeks in advance.

To learn more, see: Astrological Development Resources.

Or to learn more about Life Coaching options check out: Life Coaching Cliffs Notes or What is Life Coaching?

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