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Self-image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment.—Maxwell Maltz

Are You Ready to Accomplish?


What does it mean to “accomplish”? We take it for granted, but accomplishing what matters to us is a big deal because we have to take a stand for ourselves in order to do it. When we accomplish our goals, we are saying not only that our goals matter, but that we ourselves matter.

That’s some powerful stuff.

Accomplishment is the antidote to Procrastination. To emerge from the spiral of Procrastination, we must recognize that we are capable of accomplishing and then take the steps to get there. Accomplishment requires:

  • A vision of what’s possible
  • Focus and clarity to follow it through
  • Intention to stay the course
  • Drive & tenacity to ride the waves
  • More than a flicker of self-confidence, maybe even a touch of bravado, and a sense of our own ultimate invulnerability
  • An awareness that we are valuable and deserve to be happy
  • A belief in ourselves, a purpose, a mission, a goal
  • A vision of our own Luminance.

[pullquote]To Accomplish, we must STOP listening to our Saboteur.[/pullquote]What stops us from accomplishing on our own behalf tends to be a lack of self-valuing (often the core challenge of Procrastination) as well as self-knowledge. Consider the time we take to get to know someone else, but how many of us spend time getting to know ourselves? We assume we know ourselves, but do we? Much of our sense of Self is derived from our perceptions of our own accomplishments. When we feel we have “nothing to show for ourselves”, we don’t believe we are entitled to the gift of our Selves; a Self we’ve never taken the time to get to know…

It’s a Catch-22, isn’t it? We don’t know ourselves, so we don’t know what we’re capable of accomplishing, and we don’t bother dreaming of accomplishments because we don’t think we’re worth the effort because we don’t know who we are! How can gratitude, mindfulness, and authenticity possibly emerge in that scenario?
[pullquote]Accomplishment is not merely about “doing”. It’s about… what you need to access within yourself, to accomplish what matters to you. [/pullquote]Welcome to the territory of the Saboteur (or Shadow). You can hear its voice everywhere in this wasteland of broken dreams. “Who did you think you were to try for that? To even think it was possible? Be rational.” The Saboteur not only keeps us from accomplishing; it keeps us from considering the possibility of making an effort, or allowing that we have dreams anymore, or even feeling entitled to having them! But we used to… didn’t we? When did you stop dreaming?

To move into the realm of Accomplishment, we must first STOP listening to that nasty Saboteur’s voice. We need to:

  • become re-acquainted with ourselves, calling upon our own Authenticity to shine so brightly that our Saboteurs go into hiding (our Saboteurs cannot bear our light),
  • be Mindful of what is true in this moment, recognizing who we are, and what we have already accomplished,
  • while standing in Gratitude for what we have (blessings and challenges), in full appreciation for what we have contributed thus far.
  • Ask for help when we need it. We developed these ways of being, this Saboteur, on our own; therefore it can feel very challenging to move past it by ourselves. Seeking out assistance to overcome these patterns can be the vital step that moves you towards your best life. Just reading books, or even this blog, is not enough if you’ve got a lifetime’s worth of Saboteur hanging out on your shoulder stopping you every step of the way…

Accomplishment is not merely about “doing”. It’s about who you are, who you need to be and what you need to access within yourself to accomplish what matters to you. It’s about allowing yourself to dream, to be vulnerable enough to desire something, and then strong in the face of that vulnerability to go out and make it happen… even when you don’t always feel that way.

The access point to Accomplishment is the disempowerment of your Saboteur through consciously choosing to listen to your higher self every day. That’s where the Mindfulness comes in… where you get to choose if you’re going to allow fears to stop you or fuel you onward.

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