What is Coaching?

Coaching is a professional relationship that enhances your ability to learn, make changes, and achieve desired goals.


Your coach helps you get clear about what you want to accomplish, set specific goals, make an effective action plan, stay focused, and eliminate obstacles. In a coaching relationship, you and your coach prioritize, plan, analyze, troubleshoot, and brainstorm.
Your coach provides structure, feedback, perspective, skill-building techniques, and smart questions. Together, you evaluate options, make decisions, track your progress, and celebrate achievements.

While coaching can be consultative,
it is not consulting.

Traditional consulting offers answers and expertise. Coaching facilitates discovery by assisting you to find your own unique answers. Your coach provides her expertise whenever it is useful, but never does things for you. The primary role of your coach is to listen, question, observe, pinpoint, re-frame, and articulate what’s so. The plans you make are your own.

While coaching can be educational,
it is not teaching.

Teaching can fade, but coaching reinforces learned concepts and skills until they become second nature. Your coach often provides skills training in the “need-to-know” moment that formal teaching misses. She also helps you discover how much you already know. You learn more by discovering your own answers than by hearing them.

While coaching is often therapeutic,
it is not therapy

The focus of coaching is on taking a hard look at what a fulfilling life looks like for you. We then identify specific plans, actions steps, and ways of thinking that will move you towards achieving your desired goals. It looks at the present and the future, not the past. Coaching is focused both on who you want to be in life and then on taking action; it is not focused specifically on creating healing. And yet, an outcome of coaching can be that healing takes place.
Coaching can work well alongside therapy as a way to augment the learning and bring it into your daily awareness. Why you are the way you are doesn’t matter in coaching. What matters is how you want to be.

Coaching unlocks a person’s ability
to maximize their potential.

By working with clients to integrate the goals of their daily lives, coaching helps them to bring into focus what matters to them and apply that knowledge towards stepping powerfully into a personally fulfilling life. If you feel ready to take that step (if you’re not sure, take the quiz!), call today to discuss how we can work together to create the next chapter of your life!

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