Why Astrology?

The Gaea Principle: Earth as a sentient, self-sustaining, and interdependent organism
The Gaea Principle: Earth as a sentient, self-sustaining, and interdependent organism.
Artist: Josephine Wall

What is Astrology?

Simply put, astrology is the recorded observation of how we relate with our solar system. Just as Gaea Theory suggests that everything is connected, the cosmos too has an effect upon us.

Forget the “Daily Horoscope”

Unlike “parlor trick” Astrology that lumps you in with 1/12 of the population as you’d see in the “Horoscope” section of The Daily News, we explore this ancient science to analyze the hundreds of planetary inter-connections that coalesce into the complexity of you.A professional consultation of your astrological chart can provide detailed information about you, how your actions and unique perspective affect where you are, and how you can effect change.

Astrology hopes consciously to reconnect nature and culture by including a cosmic paradigm for earthly activity.” — Erin Sullivan

What is an Astrological Birth Chart?

A map of the planetary positions at the moment of your first breath, an astrological chart is as unique as your fingerprint. Reflecting the way the world around you was experiencing life when you were born, that moment is a “snapshot” of the energies you work with every day.

Does that lock you into one way of being or predetermine outcomes? Of course not! You are an individual who can make your own decisions and guide your life as you see fit. But that “snapshot” represents the way you tend to respond to the world. How you decide to work with those energies is your choice!

The Soul chooses a certain time to be born because the astrological pattern fits the experiences needed for the present stage of growth.” — Howard Sasportas

The Birth Chart as a blueprint for your Soul’s Purpose

While you have full freedom to choose, your birth chart offers insights into what your Soul is hoping to accomplish. The tools & challenges that are like buried treasure in your chart, are signposts to potentials, as well as pitfalls, all designed to grow your Soul.

Astrology for the 21st Century.

At Luminance Coaching, we take that ancient wisdom and apply it to the life you are leading today.
In this current economy, we could all use a little practical advice to give us a more clear vision of our life and our life’s work.

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