Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to do more traditional life coaching with you, without the astrological part?

Of course! If astrology doesn’t interest you, I’d be happy to develop a more traditional personal development coaching relationship with you. Non-astrological coaching is part of my regular coaching practice, we simply don’t discuss astrology.

What about the other way? Can I do astrological sessions with you without life coaching?

Sure. We can do stand alone astrological consults without developing an ongoing life-coaching relationship. However, the basis for any astrological work is the NatalEnergetics Session.

Because I am a Life Coach, my astrology sessions always do incorporate aspects of coaching. What this looks like is my asking you some powerful questions while we look at your astrology together to find out how you are utilizing the energies available to you in your chart. You are always welcome to come back for more astrology consults, or to develop an astrological life coaching relationship together.

How much do you charge?

Because I work with a broad spectrum of clients, in a great variety of ways, my fees are structured to support each individual client’s needs and the work we are doing together. I am of the belief that it is important that we take care of one another on this planet, therefore, I have been known to work on a sliding scale based upon need. It’s best to call to discuss what you’d like to work on and we can develop a program that works for you.

To learn more, see: What is Life Coaching? and Services.