What is your Soul hungry for?

“Frisbeetarianism” is the belief that when you die, your soul goes up on the roof and gets stuck. — George Carlin

OK, but seriously now…

Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul. — Wayne Dyer

Photo Credit: Christine Faucher-Kelley


Hummingbirds live in the present
Hummingbirds at Lake Malone, KY

The breeze that carries Autumn’s first chill is calling us to explore what reallymatters…

Most days our thoughts dance along the surface of our consciousness, rarely delving deeper into what’s important. Many of us are scared to look inside for fear of what we will, or won’t, find within. Instead we skim along, feeling empty and afraid to admit it… even to ourselves.

As a Culture, we are wasting away from Soul Hunger. Many of us have no idea what we want or need but know only that we feel empty and alone: we have lost our center, our purpose, and life has become “meaningless”. We have lost connection with our Soul.

Why is this important? You may not realize this, but “soul” is the part of you that is reading this right now. Soul is the eternal essence of “you”; it’s what has allowed you to survive all manner of challenges; it’s the part of you that always wants the best for you, that always “has your back”. Isn’t it time to develop an intentional relationship with this essential “You”?

This thinking has led to a sea-change here at Luminance. Life Development, while vital, rings hollow without consideration for the Soul’s purpose and journey.

Physical [focus] divorced from spiritual is body without soul. — Mahatma Gandhi

And, there would be no need to be within a body if there was nothing here for us to learn on this physical plane so both are important.

As a Soul Development Coach I help my clients reclaim a conscious and intentional relationship with their Souls. Through coaching, combined with astrology and other tools, we apply practical skills in an effort to create a life of meaning: a life with Soul.

Start to bring “Soul” back into your life…

Create a practice that honors the needs of your Moon sign. Your Moon sign represents an aspect of your Soul. When your Moon’s needs are not met your Soul feels unacknowledged causing you to feel disconnected from yourself. If you don’t know your Moon sign, you can contact me for a 15-minute Sample Coaching session to find out.

Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

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  1. Suparna says:

    I love reading your newletters. Isn’t it interesting that we are so afraid to look deep inside when what we would actually discover is so beautiful?


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