Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio & Your Sun Sign

Shallow Lunar Eclipse 4/25/13 3:58 pm EDT

Shallow Lunar Eclipse 4/25/13 3:58 pm EDT

To ancient peoples the Moon represented a mysterious friend in the darkness: shining brightly some nights while other nights it went missing altogether. Eclipses must have been terrifying experiences for our ancestors… “Would the Moon (or Sun) ever come back? Were the Gods angry at us?” Followed by sighs of relief upon the luminary’s return.

Astrologically, the Moon is the seat of our unconscious and our emotional needs. Primal stuff. Technically, during a lunar eclipse the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon casting its shadow which blocks part or all the Moon’s reflected light. (If you’re curious about the difference between a New Moon and an Eclipse, this site kinda cleared it up for me.)

[pullquote]Our unconscious has been obscuring our emotional needs.[/pullquote]So, while the Sun represents our solar energy, and the Moon represents our lunar needs, the Earth represents “us”. From a soul evolutionary perspective, during a lunar eclipse, we are obscuring our own emotional needs. This can lead to unconscious behavior as hidden fears come to the surface reminding us of our personal lack of integration. This is particularly true when the lunar eclipse is in the element of water as it is now in Scorpio.

With Moon in Scorpio, we can expect to see very “real” things going on. Scorpio has no patience for “bull”, wanting only what’s true and significant, so it will dig deep into the unconscious to find that truth.

The energy of an eclipse can lead to a call for change in the areas indicated below. Those changes needn’t be negative, only “significant”. This energy tends to build and culminates when the eclipse is exact on Thursday, April 25th at 3:58pm EDT: meaning this month has been leading to the below changes. The effects will fade with varying speed depending upon other factors in your chart.

[pullquote]Changes needn’t be negative, only “significant”.[/pullquote]So, which areas of your life will this Lunar Eclipse touch? For a more personalized appraisal, you should apply this to your Ascendant or Rising Sign. (Don’t know it? Look it up here!).

Check for your Sun Sign below:

Aries: Potential new money in your life. There could be drama with someone else’s money who is close to you. It may be time to pay off debts be they monetary or emotional. Your comfort must be balanced against those of others.

Taurus: Strong relationships (partnerships, significant others, marriages, adversaries) should fare well, but relationships that are unstable may be challenged. Compromise and negotiation are called for as you work towards balancing your needs with those of others. Social engagements or new clients are on the rise.

Gemini: Shake up your routines during this time as they could be causing stagnation in your health or job. Because emotions are coming to the surface, this could reveal an emotional issue left previously in the dark. This could be time to leave that job.

Cancer: Allow the emotions of this time to spark your creative juices. Striking a balance between “fun times” and your larger goals is important. Perhaps one of your children is going through some changes now and needs some TLC. Strong love affairs hold up, but wobbly ones may fail.

Leo: Conflicts between your career and your family life: time to prioritize, strike a balance and give both their due. Career can blossom. A highlight on domesticity, and home may be the seat of this time’s emotional experiences.

Virgo: Emotions run high around communications, local transportation, siblings, or neighbors. Publishing your message (literally or figuratively) may lead to opportunities for travel, new perspectives or education.

Libra: The area of finance and ownership is where changes are brewing; what belongs to you and what belongs to them? Financial settlements or debts are highlighted. Take heed to your comforts without disregarding the security and needs of others.

Scorpio: This eclipse points to who you are being in the world especially as it relates to how you interact with others: independence vs. co-dependence. Potential drama with partners. You can lead with emotion as long as you include others in the equation.

Sagittarius: A need for spiritual retreat is what you may be feeling now as your day-to-day work routines have grown tiresome. Seek guidance within your deeper self: what secrets are you withholding from yourself that may allow a work project to bloom?

Capricorn: Your creativity seeks expression within a group, organization or amongst friends which can lead to a creative breakthrough there. Friendships could be challenged, or there could be issues concerning children or your romance. Where are you seeking validation?

Aquarius: Changes are percolating in your career and you may be called upon to show your stuff, so bring out your best self and shine! If it’s not in your career, it could be that changes are required at home: what truth needs to be revealed there?

Pisces: What do you believe? How do those beliefs serve the greater good and how might you communicate them to the world? This may be the time to share your adventurous spirit through writing or communications.

And remember: Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

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