Uranus & Pluto Rock Your World

#1 in a Series

Uranus square Pluto: 2011-2015

Concentrated times: June 2012, September 2012,
May 2013, Nov 2013, April 2014, Dec 2014, and March 2015

Lately, the refrain out there has been “What’s going on? Everything is so intense!” Indeed… We are in the midst of a Uranus/Pluto Square! So what the heck does that mean, right?
Well… don’t be scared now, but here’s what’s up: Uranus (aka “the world shaker”) is right now in a challenging relationship with Pluto (aka “the destroyer/redeemer”). I know, it sounds… not so good. However, you know me by now, “always infinite possibilities”, right?
Yes, change is a-comin’ no doubt about that. I saw a great image on the Mountain Astrologer FB page that really says it all!

Change is a comin'... How do you choose to meet it?
(Love this! Thanks Mountain Astrologer!)
Change is a comin’… How do You choose to meet it?

Where in your life will the changes be demanded, and how do you want to meet them?
A couple of things to consider as you look at your Sun Sign below:

  • Look ’em in the eye… When you square off on the changes needed, you get to decide how you are going to meet them.
  • No Hiding! Trying to hide from the changes will result in painful, challenging experiences. Like I always say, “when your head is in the sand, your ass is in the air!”

From a Soul Evolution perspective, change is required so we can learn and grow.

Stagnation, and a refusal to change is the enemy to growth. Just look at any growth experience in life: pain or pleasure? It’s all in the way you look at it: Birth? Learning to walk? Practicing an instrument? Going to school? Physically growing? Planting a garden? First love?

Anything worth experiencing is often accompanied by pain… and the outcome is nearly always worth the effort!

Our collective souls are looking to grow, and while it’s not always “fun” it is why we are here… The perspective, “this sucks!” or “I can’t wait to meet who I become!” is ours to choose, every day.


How will the Uranus / Pluto square influence your Sun Sign?

(For a personal exploration of how this square may influence you, please contact me.
Not sure of your Sun Sign? Use the Calculator!)

Aries What old behavior blocks your ability to be authentic and make your mark on the world? It is time to release it so you can transform who you are and move forward towards your purpose.

Taurus What unconscious issues or problems are no longer serving your life view & perspective? It’s time to release those unresolved issues so you can see the through clear eyes.

Gemini What has to be reborn within you, or within your life, to allow the revolution of your dreams and goals to become a reality? An inheritance may provide the fuel for those dreams…

Cancer How has your identity in the world become stagnant such that it is pressuring the transformation of your relationships? Becoming more authentic in the world will bring renewal to your relationships.

Leo How might rigid world views, that inhibit new possibilities, be affecting your health or job? Open yourself to new ways of thinking to allow for regeneration of body and career.

Virgo Restrictions imposed on you, by yourself or others, can lead to power struggles with children and/or impact creative self-expression. The old order is passing away and a new form of meaningful self-expression is coming into view.

Libra How is inappropriate, childish behavior impacting your relationships? By releasing old

ways of being, in favor of authentic new expression, you can create relationships that equally reflect your true selves.

Scorpio Allow work to shed light on the day-to-day situations that need shifting and no longer serve. Where have you gotten into a rut in your routine that is keeping you from moving ahead? Make changes or your body will demand that you do.

Sagittarius New experiences that expand your consciousness will result in shifting your values towards what really matters to you. If you resist this new awareness, financial challenges may crop up. Children will influence your new ways of thinking.

Capricorn Foundational relationships (family, parents, home) that are rigid and no longer support you are shifting causing you to reshape aspects of your personality. This allows a rebirth of yourself with renewed energy and authenticity.

Aquarius Old habitual ways of thinking fall away and activate the hidden side of your life. Patterns that have been ignored find new solutions in the every day. The germ of new ideas exists even in the smallest detail. Embrace these ideas to reveal new horizons.

Pisces Your values shift in support of fulfilling long range goals that reflect new dimensions of self. Transformation of friendships, and long range goals, allow material resources to flow in support of your growth as an individual.

Why are You ready to change now?
Set that intention in the Comments below, and watch your life transform…

And remember… Always infinite possibilities, always your choice.

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