“If not us, who? If not now, when?”

“If not us, who? If not now, when?” – John F. Kennedy

Still from FourYears.GO video

This is a blog entry about “Yes, AND.” Yes, there are some tough things going on out there… AND we can all get involved and make a difference.

As many of you have heard, there are some unsettling events taking place in Wisconssin around the issue of collective bargaining. Protestors have been congregating in the state’s capitol for 13 days and over 70,000 people have been involved. A local Mom felt compelled to donate $200 to a nearby pizza place to send pizza pies to the cold, wet and hungry protestors. That information was spread on Facebook and Twitter and before they knew it, hundreds of people around the country, and around the world, were sending pizzas to the protestors in Wisconsin! Pizzas to the People!

If people around the globe can send pizzas to Wisconsin in a matter of hours, we are poised like no other time in history to make a difference in the trajectory in which we are heading on this planet.

To that end, there is a powerful organization I must share with you; it’s called 4YEARS.GO. The concept behind this organization is that human beings can accomplish a lot in 4 years time. From their literature: “Humanity is on an unsustainable path – environmentally, mentally and socially. We simply cannot continue in the direction we are going without approaching negative tipping points… Real solutions are all around us, they are just not being implemented fast enough or on a big enough scale… What is missing is our commitment, our stand that we can and will make this shift in direction a reality… This calls for each of us to acknowledge our impact and to claim our own responsibility…”

To paraphrase what Kevin Cashman stated at the opening of his talk at the CTI Summit: “How many days do you have left to live, and how do you want to use that time? Every day each of us makes a difference.”

It’s time to take a Stand for Humanity. It’s time to take a Stand for Our Planet… Our Home.

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