AstroFinder – Find your combo here!

Heaven and Earth_Megenberg-BookderNatur
Heaven & Earth, Megenberg, Konrad von: “Buch der Natur [Book of Nature]” (1481)

Don’t know your Sun/Moon/Ascendant combo? Look no further!

Enter the date, time to the minute & city of your birth below. Precise birth data is vital to accurate natal charts. So…

  • If you don’t know your birth time it should be on your Birth Certificate. Not there? Then…
  • Ask whoever raised you to guess and enter the closest time they think it might be. Your ascendant will likely be wrong, but your Moon sign has a chance of being right.
  • No luck? Call the hospital where you were born, or contact the County Clerk for your town to order a birth certificate with the time included.
  • Finally, there are ways to figure our your birth time astrologically, but it can be quite time consuming. Contact me to find out how.

What does it all mean??

Learn more by checking out the below Resource pages, or reading about your Sun Sign, Moon Sign or Ascendant Sign here.

Learn more about Astrology & Astrological Development by checking our our Resources Page.

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