Soul Development

So, what’s Soul Development?

Simply put, Your Life.

Need more? 😉
Let’s start with a few suppositions to set the stage:

  1. You have a Soul; an eternal quality that transcends death.
  2. Your Soul is evolving.
  3. As a Soul you make choices: you chose a life, and a combination of “tools”, that assist in your evolution.
  4. Every life experience you have adds to the development of your Soul.
  5. The majority of Souls living on this planet have lived before: You have reincarnated more than once.

Your Soul came into this life to learn specific lessons. As humans, we learn best when we come to any experience with no prior “knowledge”; we have no expectations, no preconceived notions of how it “should” be when we’ve never done something before. This is why we come into each life without any memories of previous ones; such memories would taint the effectiveness of true learning.

Each Soul has an opportunity to choose elements of their next life to complete the learning they are here to do. Amongst other things, their astrological make up as reflected by their natal chart, comprises some of the tools the soul will need to complete their soul’s mission. Think of a camping trip and all you would need to bring with you to survive a week in the forrest: what would you bring with you? That’s the question a soul faces before it incarnates, and it chooses those tools, as well as the types of lessons it will need to have in order to best complete it’s learning.

More to come…

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