Solar Energy / Lunar Needs

Medical Astrology from an Illustrated Manuscript from 1400
Michael of Rhodes Illuminated Manuscript from 1401

Where are Your body’s vulnerable zones and
what can you do to protect them?
Honor their expression.

The full expression of your Sun Sign provides you with the energy to move ahead in your life. When this expression gets blocked it can show up in your body with physical symptoms in the areas associated with each sign.

The same goes for your Moon Sign; when your Moon’s needs are not being met, you may find yourself having symptoms in those areas associated with your Moon Sign. (See chart.)

This is not to say that only Leos (for example) can have heart or spine issues. When the emotional energy associated with a body part is blocked, regardless of whether you have planets in the signs associated, you can find physical symptoms manifesting.

An example:

If you are not expressing your heart, you may develop heart related issues, whether or not you are a Leo. But if you are a Leo, this caution becomes doubled.

Below are the body parts and emotional expression for each sign and planet

Check the chart for your Solar Energy (Sun Sign), or Lunar Needs (Moon Sign).
For example, if your Sun is in Aries, you’ll read “Solar Energy”
and if your Moon is in Aries you’ll read “Lunar Needs”.
We tend to be more conscious of our Solar Energy than we are of our Lunar Needs.

Don’t know your Sun/Moon/Ascendant Trio? Find it here.

Solar Energy_Lunar Needs Chart

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