What’s Your Rising Sign?

As the Observer, you are always in choice...
Your “Rising Sign” is the door to the house of you…

Today I realized I haven’t written anything about “rising signs” also known as your “ascendant”… What an oversight!

In a nutshell…

Your rising sign (found here) represents a few different things briefly outlined below:

  • The side of yourself you are most comfortable showing the world
  • How others perceive you upon first meeting you
  • How you physically present yourself to the world: your physical appearance
  • Some call it “the door to the house of you”…

Therein lies the difference…

When people read about their Sun Signs and feel that they are very different from that description, it is often because their rising sign may contradict that energy.

For example, let’s say your Sun Sign is Leo and your rising sign is Pisces. When you read about Leos being known for their flamboyant, extraverted nature, you may feel like that doesn’t represent you at all. This is because (with a Pisces rising) you are more comfortable with a laid-back, mellow approach to the world. If your Moon Sign is also in a more laid-back or shy sign, this might pose a greater a challenge to that Leo expression… however, it is important to allow that inner “royalty” to shine through, or it will seek expression through your shadow.

Perhaps the reverse is true: you are a Pisces Sun with a Leo rising. This may mean that your presentation to the world is more extraverted than you feel, yet somehow you always need to be “on” even when you feel the need to pull back.

It’s all in the learning…

We are given these different astrological signs to work with so we can learn to stretch and breathe more completely into the full expressions of ourselves. Learn to enjoy in these unique expressions and have compassion for yourself as you manifest into the world the uniqueness of You!

More to come on Rising Signs in later posts…

Always infinite possibilities, always your choice…

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