Mercury Retrograde: Pisces to Aquarius

Pisces Aquarius Chartres Cathedral
Pisces to Aquarius from Chartres Cathedral

So… what was going on 3 months ago?

[pullquote]Mercury will be retrograde from February 6th, 2014 through February 27th.[/pullquote]

Here we go!

This retrograde cycle starts out in the watery terrain of re-exploring the quality of our lives and shifts to the intellectual consideration of our relationships on February 14th. To make things more intriguing, toss in that Venus (our planet of love) is conjunct Pluto (the bringer of truth and the awareness of power), and this should be “interesting times” as Confucius would say.

This will be the first of three retrograde periods when we shift from water into air this year, so we will have plenty of time to learn about the quality of our relationships

What does all of this mean to you?

    1. Start by re-reading my previous post on Mercury in Pisces (or listening to my podcast) for an exploration of the quality of your lives and which area of your life is being hi-lighted by sign. While the dates have shifted the message is still the same.
    2. As Mercury moves backwards in its cycle, this awareness of life quality will gradually begin to turn towards the meaning of your relationships. When Mercury is in Air, our focus becomes simultaneously less “emotional” while examining our relating patterns. Old problems will require airing out as we explore our contributions to miscommunications.
    3. As Air is the ruler of communication and transportation, this is a particularly ill-advised time to purchase machinery: cars, computers, telephones, etc… wait if you can until Mercury goes direct after February 27th.
    4. Understand the power plays in your relationships may have to do with insecurities and cut through the superficial to the real truth underneath: what do you really want to say to one another? What hurts have been glossed over that need to surface and be understood? Now is the time for clarity and compassion, for yourself and your loved ones.

    And remember…

    Everyone else is experiencing these same Mercury Retrograde issues too, so breathe people, and stay clear in your communications.

    Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

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