Are You an “Epiphany” Junkie?

Man and DogWarning: This post may piss you off…
If one more person tells me that their event will “change my life forever” I may have to hit them with an overripe banana.

I don’t know if it’s just a New York thing, but everybody and their cousin seems to be offering “breakthrough”, “life changing”, “shake up your life” workshops. Are you seeing this too?

[pullquote]Broadening our minds contributes to the global awakening… “Learning” is why we are here…[/pullquote]Don’t get me wrong, many of these workshops provide transformative learning (heck, I’m going to be offering some myself soon! 😉 ). Powerful learning and epiphanies are great! Broadening our minds awakens us to new possibilities and contributes to the global awakening that is vital to our continued existence.

But I have a quibble: if we don’t integrate the learning into our lives and change, all the epiphanies in the world won’t add up to the proverbial “hill o’ beans.”

It’s just like algebra. No one ever taught me how it would be useful in my life, so while I “learned” it, that learning feels useless. “Knowing” is not enough.

What are you doing with your epiphanies?

Are you just going from workshop, to seminar, to webinar, Oh My? If you don’t follow through, and make the learning part of your life, if you just keep seeking more and new and better, I hate to break it to you folks, but you are in RESISTANCE.

By constantly seeking new answers, without incorporating the “old ones”, you get to avoid making the changes you need to make. I know. I did it for years.

My Name is Christine Faucher-Kelley and I am an Epiphany Junkie…” (I may form a meeting soon! 😉 )

It all started when I was a kid and my Mom and I would travel to an event of some kind. First it was yoga, then it was ashrams; then we visited some psychics, we each attended “Actualizations” (similar to EST or Landmark), then rebirthing workshops, and that was all before I was 15! It didn’t stop there.

At all of these events there was an urgency I recognized in others because I saw it in myself: a painful desire for help. Someone would have “the answer” that would make us “better”. For me it was in therapy where I found that the power to make my life better was inside of me, but only if I changed.

[pullquote]The Epiphany Junkie just stays stuck.[/pullquote]I still attend workshops, mind you. There are some truly gifted teachers out there. But I know that I have to change what I’m doing, or it’s just another form of escape and procrastination.

Are You an Epiphany Junkie or an Evolutionist?

Please understand what I’m saying: learning is wonderful, it is what we are here for, but if you are not making any significant changes in your life, if you’re just hoping that someone will fix you, you may be an Epiphany Junkie.

You know you’re an Epiphany Junkie if:

  • You’re always seeking that “ah-ha!” moment by skimming the surface with a collection of shamans, astrologers, hand readers, business coaches, healers, life coaches, etc.,
  • You attend all kinds of workshops & seminars throughout the year,
  • You get a “high” from attending these events that fades couple of weeks or days later, and
  • You need another “fix” in a month or two.

The Evolutionist, on the other hand, gains the learning, and integrates it by making powerful changes in their own lives and then help others to do the same. They stay the course, do the work, evolve and grow. Their life gets better.

The Epiphany Junkie just stays stuck.

Stay the Course…

So many of us are looking for answers, hoping for relief from our fears, our loneliness and overwhelm. We want help and guidance… AND while we should not do it alone, it is ultimately within ourselves that we will find the answers. You can’t keep doing the same old self-defeating stuff and hope that the teachers will fix you.

[pullquote]Growth = Change[/pullquote]The “Life Changing” seminars can change your life if you also find yourself a coach (or an astrological coach 😉 ), or a mentor, or a clergy person, or a therapist with whom to integrate all of the wonderful learning. Yes, folks, it takes time, perseverance and tenacity to change your life. And while you can experience great relief and joy throughout it all, growth = change.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Erica says:

    Great post, Christine! Love this topic.

    I do believe I am an epiphany junkie, however, I am not of the thinking that attending a workshop/lecture/yoga class/etc. will change my life itself. It could certainly change my way of looking at a certain topic (which is huge), but ultimately I know that to create palpable changes I have to actually follow through and implement the insights and tips I’ve learned into my day to day.

    I believe I get stuck for these reasons:
    -Overwhelmed with all the things I want to work on! I don’t feel that this is me trying to avoid working on old issues–I’m just fascinated by topics of self-growth b/c they’re so universal and when I learn new techniques I am just genuinely interested in testing them out!)
    -(Perceived?) lack of time. Even if we’re talking three small changes, I struggle with fitting all the things I’m trying to work on into my schedule…
    -…often due to time conflicts. For example: creating and trying to stick with a morning routine to start my day off right conflicts with my desire to stay up and work on my goals outside of my day job and after all the chores, exercise, etc. is done (unless I don’t care about getting any sleep). I always start implementing positive changes but find it hard to stick with them because too many seem to conflict.

    Are we supposed to take it one change at a time? Should I steer clear of all reading material, workshops, etc. while I’m working on that one positive change so that I don’t veer off course? Might be more impactful that way, but there are multiple changes I want to make ASAP, and I’m not sure how to do them all at once!

    Thanks for the space to ramble. 🙂 Something for me to think about, for sure!


    1. Christine says:

      Thanks for commenting Erica! 🙂
      This is a multi-layered comment and well worth contemplation…
      Overwhelmed… I know it well (probably why I write about it so often!). My thought on this one is that there is always a balance to be struck. On the one hand there’s the looming “LIST”, and on the other there is kindness and patience with ourselves. Often there are emotional connections with items on the incomplete list that we need to be kind with ourselves about as we begin to move to a place of understanding. Sometimes the “thing to do” requires an internal shift to allow it to move through, so getting peaceful and understanding why it’s so “difficult to get done”, what’s connected with this “thing”, can make its completion quicker. An example: Let’s say you want to start a blog and you’re having a hard time figuring out which platform to use… you procrastinate and don’t get it done and you start to feel overwhelmed about it. Getting peaceful and looking closer, though, might reveal that there is a fear associated with being judged on your writing. This would be something to work through with a coach, or someone, to help get clear on how to move past it… (Now I’m rambling!) Take a look at my Posts on Overwhelm for some ideas.
      Thanks again!


  2. Patricia says:

    This was an amazing post, Christine. Thank you! I am in a wonderful transformational program now. In fact, i’ve been in many programs over the past seven years and they have all helped me to make shifts in my life. But where they fail is making me fully connect with my feelings about certain experiences. Only I can do that.


    1. Christine says:

      (Sorry for the delayed response! Technical difficulties…)
      Thanks for commenting Patricia! That is so interesting… It sounds like the events get the awareness going but then processing that info is up to you, which is terrific learning on your part! I think that last step is often skipped by the “epiphany junkie”, as the processing can feel scary. Instead, they jump to the next event rather than work it through, hoping it will “go away”. You are a courageous and wise woman! Thanks again!


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