Could you be saying “No” to Joy? Mercury Retro & the Quality of Your Life

Hanson-Roberts Four of Cups
Hanson-Roberts Four of Cups

Many of us live in a very small room in our lives… and I don’t mean a NYC studio apartment! I’m talking about keeping yourself “small”, never getting “too excited”, “too passionate”, “too much”, to avoid feeling disappointed. But how is living an “almost life” a fair trade for never feeling disappointed?

Are you consciously saying “Yes”, but unconsciously saying, “No”?

The Law of Attraction indicates that your life reflects whatever you focus upon the most. Now, consciously, you may be a very optimistic and “positive” person; someone who sees the silver lining, who performs a daily gratitude practice, visualizes all that you are wanting and feeling it is already yours, etc… But somehow the happiness you crave feels out of reach.

The answer goes deeper…

While moving through your day, with all your mindful focus upon “manifesting” more good in your life, do you ever catch yourself saying “no” to things, or worse, to yourself?

[pullquote]We don’t distinguish this negative voice as separate from our own.[/pullquote]This can look like internal mutterings such as: “Damn, I hate it when I miss the bus!” or “I hate that my printer is jammed!” or “Why are people so rude? It makes me so mad!” or “I can’t believe I did that! I’m so stupid!” or “No one ever appreciates me…” or “Nothing good ever happens for me…”

Believe it or not, this negative babble is saying “No” to the Universe and is undermining all your positive intentions. Why? Because, this can be an underlying, 24/7 drone in your inner ear. By the “Law” it carries way more weight than the “good stuff” you’re visualizing for 10 minutes.

I know something about this…

A few years back, I was facing this very same challenge. I had read Debbie Ford’s, transformational book, The Secret of the Shadow where she refers to this negative voice as the “shadowbox”. She discusses how if this were a radio station blaring negative babble, we’d turn it off! I realized, that I was doing this all the time and it took my breath away. I suddenly felt so bad that I had been so mean to me!

So why don’t we turn it off? Because we don’t recognize it as a choice. We don’t distinguish this negative voice as separate from our own.

We’re going a little cosmic over here… but bare with me.

Who are “You”?

Absolem from Alice in Wonderland
Who Are You?

This may seem a “silly question”, but go deeper. Can you observe that voice I’ve been talking about? If you can observe something within yourself, it is not “you” but rather an “aspect of you” that you have some control over. This is deeper part of you is called “The Observer” and it can best be reached through meditation.

The Buddhists call this voice the “monkey brain”: your undisciplined mind, and it is running your life. Chances are excellent that if you’re not actively putting a stop to it, it’s got you by the… knees.

So, what are you going to do about it?

During this current Mercury Retrograde cycle is a great time for this type of contemplation. Recognize how this inner-critic is affecting the quality of your life and take solid steps to be good to yourself, now and especially after November 10th.

  • Start watching for when it shows up. What’s happening in your life? Are you getting close to success? Have you been around negative people? Spending too much time alone? What are your triggers?
  • Cut it out! In the words of the Michael Teachings via “Troy”:
  • [pullquote]Your life reflects whatever you focus upon the most.[/pullquote]

  • Understand what you’re saying “No” to and say “Yes” to the opposite. If your negative self talk is about, say, eating a candy bar when you’re wanting to reduce, rather than give yourself a hard time:
    1. Forgive yourself. It is not a hanging offense. Focusing on the “digression,” only ensures more of the same: not honoring your wishes by eating poorly. Besides, as Oscar Wilde said:

      “Everything in moderation, including moderation.”

    2. Promise yourself you will have an apple next time, then do it.
    3. Say “Yes” to what you’re moving towards: good health and honoring yourself.

This way, by stopping the negative babble, you’re saying “Yes!” to life & joy. The more you can say “Yes”, from this deeper place, the more causes for gratitude will show up.

Because face it, you’ve already got it going on!

Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

For more on this Mercury Retrograde cycle, see this: Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio: Explorations into the Quality of Our Lives

Image credits:Hanson-Roberts, Tarot Deck, Four of Cups © U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
“Absolem” from Alice in Wonderland

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Koresun says:

    Good information, Chris. At one time, when I realized I was indulging in “shadow speak,” I wanted to find a way to nip it in the bud. Now, when I become aware of doing this, I say, “Cancel, cancel.” It may sound simple, but it works for me, maybe because it’s simple? As soon as I cancel, I deliberately shift my thoughts to something else.


    1. TrinityAvatar says:

      Wonderful! By “canceling” that shadow, and shifting your thoughts, you can create another way of looking at the matter at hand. There’s a lot of research indicating that our “shadow speak” is a reflection of neural pathways that have been formed in our brains: a kind of rutted road in our mind. It’s habit that causes our minds to go there, and it requires conscious thought to step into another way of being and thinking. Good stuff! Thanks for writing!


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