Wearing Blinders? Redefining “Success” during Mercury Retrograde

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Where is your vision blocked or narrow?
Where is your vision blocked or narrow?
During this Mercury Retrograde, I’ve been taking my own advice and have been revisiting the quality of my life. What’s surfaced has been interesting and frankly unexpected. Referring to my last article, I began to explore my “Home or Personal Life” (see Leo) and, in turn, how that winds up affecting the success of my career (an in depth exploration of your own chart would reveal these types of relationships…)

A pattern emerges…

I have held a narrow view, of what “success” looks like for me and believed that there is only one “right” way to proceed… Yes I, of the “infinite possibilities”, have been holding my life in a narrow perspective!

To get more clarity I’ve started asking myself these questions, “What is success for me? What does it look like? What does it feel like?” And the answers have been surprising. My answers to these questions have shown me that there are many roads I can travel to get where I want to go.

What is success to you?

Is success “stuff”? “Status”? “Perception”? Or is it a feeling you have deep inside that reveals You to yourself? A knowing about the stuff of which you are made? Experience that stretches you and uses all your favorite qualities? Isn’t success something that brings you to a new place of possibility? A higher octave of You? What becomes possible when look at all the different ways you are already successful?

(Uh-oh, I feel another metaphor coming on…)

[pullquote]When is “tenacity”, stubbornness in disguise?[/pullquote]As we proceed down our paths to our destinations, we can get stuck on the road behind a boulder. There we are, our foreheads pressed against the “immovable object” stubbornly insisting that it must move! (Aries, Taurus or Capricorn anyone?)

Boulders in the road
Boulders in the road
If only we could take a few steps back we might see another path around the boulder! Maybe that path leads to unknown territory, but it’s gotta beat trying to bust through this solid rock! Do you really want to use the dynamite up close like that? Maybe you need the dynamite… and maybe you don’t.

The hardest question…

For me, the hardest part of taking a detour is the feeling that I’ve “given up”. But is that really true? When is “tenacity”, stubbornness in disguise and just another form of resistance? Are we bloodying our heads for the sake of an ideal, when an alternative that takes us where we want to go is within reach? Without the headache?

Step Back... is there another way around?
Step Back… is there another way around?
If you find yourself beating your head against the same stubborn boulder again and again, perhaps the Universe is trying to show you another way? Quit driving yourself nuts!

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

For whatever reasons, the paths we start down can lead to dead-ends… but our destinations remain ahead! Who knows what amazing experiences the detours will bring us along the way?

Step back… Look around… What do you see?
Another road is there… I promise.

This Mercury Retrograde…

This is a great time to see where are you are stuck behind an immovable object which stands in the way of your happiness. Explore the meaning of success in the area indicated by Sign to see where your vision may need adjusting.

If you’ve got to make changes now…

Remember, do your best avoid starting new things before November 10th, but if you’ve got to close a deal before then, see my article on Over40Females.com for Hot Tips!

Yes… Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

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