Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio: From the Darkness into the Light

[pullquote]Mercury will be retrograde from Monday, 10/21/13 through Sunday, 11/10/13[/pullquote]

October Scorpio Chartres
Stained Glass of Sign of Scorpio with the month of October from Chartres Cathedral, Chartres France, c. 1220

#3 in a Series of 3

Mercury gets a bad rap.

Every 4 months or so, Mercury turns retrograde (meaning it appears to move backwards in it’s orbit around the Sun) and much like our forebears, everyone wigs out.

Yes, this cycle tends to bring increased technology breakdowns, communication SNAFUs, and scheduling nightmares. But let me remind you, this is not for naught. Mercury serves a very important function in our lives; he is the agent of communication, thought, and much of our learning. And when he goes retrograde, he is asking for us to reflect on our lives. (Italics below are mine.)

Mercury acts as an agent for recollection… and for the curing of the soul through illumination. Any information… that Mercury surfaces [is] totally relevant to the needs of the individual.1 — Erin Sullivan

Retrograde: Take 3

This is the third of three retrograde cycles in Water this year, and Mercury continues to point at the quality of our lives. As I mentioned in take one, when Mercury goes Retrograde we are being asked to revisit old patterns, emotional responses, inherited psychological traits and beliefs. The “breakdowns” we encounter are merely snarky suggestions by Mercury that we STOP and look at what really matters.

Imagine you’ve gotten a flat tire on the highway while driving with your in-laws (a retrograde-type occurrence). While the experience alone poses its challenges, the flat tire is not the point. It’s what’s happening in our lives along side of the mundane that we are meant to consider: in this case, how does the experience point at what needs to be resolved with your in-laws?

If the value of our life has been neglected in some way, those neglected areas will resurface during the retrograde and demand our attention.

The Deep Diver

Scorpio, unafraid of the dark, is willing to go into the abyss to bring the truth to light. With Mercury in Scorpio, be prepared to look at your deeper truths for the sake of living an authentic life.

[pullquote]Be prepared to look at your deeper truths for the sake an authentic life…[/pullquote]Not uncommon to Mercury Retrograde cycles, you may find not only old circumstances from three months ago resurfacing, but so too may old acquaintances appear to show you who you once were, how far you’ve come, and perhaps point to your next area of growth.

“What dreams may come…”

Consider keeping a dream journal during retrograde cycles to explore what’s surfacing from your unconscious mind. Mine these dreams for their symbols as this is a fertile time when the lines of communication are open between your unconscious and your conscious mind.

Zooming Into Your Sun Sign…

[pullquote]Tapping into your unconscious mind is easier now[/pullquote]A closer look by sign reveals the area of your life that Mercury wants you to explore. While it is useful to read this based upon your Sun Sign, this works best if you read based on your ascendant, or “rising sign”. Don’t know it? Find it here…


Deep Inner Work & Shared Finances: Get ready for some soul-searching. This Mercury Retrograde is asking you to look into your foundations: your home, other people’s “stuff” and your unconscious mind. In what ways are the above affecting the quality of your life? Go deep and explore if something needs to be brought into the light so it can heal. On a more basic level, you may just be revisiting shared finances or property, in which case, explore & understand your feelings, but don’t sign anything until after November 10th.


Marriage, Partnership, “Others”: With an emphasis on partnerships, how are your relationships with people in general contributing to the quality of your life? When important things get left unsaid they can fester. In an effort to bring increased intimacy to your relationships, reflect on what you haven’t been saying to your partners. Power struggles can be a distraction: what deeper truths need to be revealed? Come November 10th, it may be time to “get real”.


Work & Health: Power plays at work can affect not only your finances and your career, but can begin to manifest in your body as some kind of sickness. (Not necessarily major illness, you could just be “run down”.) Is your body “taking the hit” because you’ve not allowed some deeper truths to be known, even to yourself? What truths are asking to come to the surface so that you can give your body a break? Reflect on what needs to shift so that you can start caring for yourself now, but be prepared to make some more serious moves after November 10th.


Creativity, Children & Romance: What’s the connection between your children, your romances or your creativity when it comes to the expression of your deeper truths? How might you be hiding behind, or living vicariously through, one of the above, rather than allowing your own true expression to shine? We need your unique expression and if you’ve been creatively blocked, it could be because you’re not owning all of yourself. Avoid manipulating others into providing what’s yours to give. Be prepared to shine when Mercury goes Direct.


Home & Private Life: As is true of the other Fire signs, this is a time of contemplating your foundations when it comes to the truths that need uncovering. How is hiding from some deeper truth affecting the quality of your life at Home. What old, learned behaviors, or unconscious perspectives have lain in the shadows of your inner home that need to come into the light? What does home mean to you and how can you reclaim that now? Contemplate and take action after November 10th.


Communication, Siblings & Immediate Family: Reflect on what unexpressed deeper truths are affecting the quality of your communications with siblings and immediate family. If you’ve been running at a frantic pace & losing sight of your present in your intense communications, slow down and revisit what may be getting lost in translation. What essential truths do you want to communicate to these important people? If it’s not getting said, consider what deeper connections may be available to you when you speak up after November 10th.

Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

1. Erin Sullivan, Retrograde Planets (York Beach, ME: Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1992), page 54.


Personal Belongings, Finance, Values: What’s truly “yours”? Often, when we think about “belongings” we overlook our bodies as our primary “possession”. Libras can get caught in their heads, so this Mercury Retrograde is asking you to interface through your body to re-consider the deeper truth of what’s really yours. Listen to your body, and contemplate what unexpressed deep, personal truth, is affecting the quality of your health, finances and/or career? By November 10th, be prepared to take a stand for this truth.


Your Personal Expression: With a specific emphasis on personal expression, what old, worn out ways of being have become a disguise hiding deeper truths? What is the impact on the quality of your life to allow these old habits to mask your true self? It’s time to tap into your creativity to broaden your expression and allow increased intimacy with the real you. Let go of what no longer reflects you and step into your truth fully on November 10th. We need you.


Go within… A time of reflection and meditation, this Mercury Retrograde is asking you to explore how your hidden motivations are impacting your quality of life. Journalling and dream exploration may give you some ideas about what hidden truth is wanting to surface. This may be a great source of personal expression come November 10th so be honest: keeping secrets only undermines your trustworthiness, especially with yourself.


Groups, organizations and goals: With this Mercury Retrograde you are being asked to reflect upon how the ideas and goals of your group are affecting the quality of your life and relationships. What cultural beliefs, or patterns, that no longer serve you, are masking deeper truths that are ready to be revealed? Old associations may surface to bring this into focus. This is a time to reconsider how your goals and dreams could be communicated to the group, after November 10th, to improve the quality of life for all.


Career: It’s time to get real about how neglecting the intrinsic value of your life is impacting your career and vice versa. What old, mundane patterns in your day-to-day may be masking areas of potential growth when it comes to how you are perceived in your career? Isn’t it time to start exploring what you need on a deeper level so you can have the impact you’re really wanting? Reflect on what paths may help you to make a more authentic contribution to the world by early-November.


Higher Education, Distant Travel: Where has your focus been too narrow such that it is affecting the quality of your life? Pull back and revisit where you could be broadening your horizons to gain a better picture of what’s true for you. Whether broadening your horizons includes more education, travel to foreign countries, or simply exploring the deeper realms of your own mind, use this retrograde cycle to expand your awareness to reveal a deeper truth. Come early-November, prepare to take that journey.

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