Everybody Like You? The Libra Challenge

The Legendary Libra Scales of Justice
The Legendary Libra Scales of Justice
If you’ve got some Libra somewhere in your chart, you probably want everybody to like you. I hate to break the news to you, but it ain’t gonna happen.

It all started with Aries…

As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries says “I am” and proceeds to discover just what that means: “the world according to Aries.” It may sound like Aries is self-centered, but what Aries is doing is learning what it means to be and have a “self”. (This does not mean they are young souls. We all have several lifetimes as each sign, but that’s another story…)

Aries to Virgo

[pullquote]Where is the real you to be liked? [/pullquote]As we proceed through the Zodiac, each sign is learning something new about what it means to be an “I” and once we reach Virgo we’ve pretty much got this “self” concept down. And then we reach Libra who looks up and says “Oh! Who are you?” And from Libra through Pisces we’re learning about the relationship of self to others. This is why the Libra Solar Energy is about “creating relationship”.

“Gee, I hope they like me”

Upon meeting someone new, most Libras are anxious about being “liked”. (For some of our Libra/Scorpios (i.e. Moon and/or rising in Scorpio) it may be, “I don’t think they like me.”)

Why is this a problem?

As the first sign trying to relate to others, Libras will often sacrifice themselves by concealing those parts they fear others won’t like. They can then become so completely disconnected from themselves that they haven’t a clue about what they want. This leads to a painful discovery: if you have dissolved your Self, where is the real you to be liked?

[pullquote]We have to risk being “authentic”[/pullquote]Too many Libras have sacrificed the deepest parts of themselves, or never truly allowed themselves to know what they want or who they are, for fear of displeasing someone.

The Libra Challenge:

To be liked (read: “loved”) we have to risk the vulnerability of being seen, warts and all: we have to risk being authentic.

This is not only a Libra Challenge

Now, this wanting people to like us thing, isn’t just a Libra issue; certainly the other signs want to be liked too. Libras have not cornered the market at “people pleasing”, we’ve just got it down to a science.

Here’s the real question:
How much of yourself are you willing to sacrifice to be liked and who will be left to enjoy it?

While this post seeks to ease the difficulties of being an authentic Libra, this is about all of us standing up for who we are because there is nothing more disliked than inauthenticity.

Authenticity and Gratitude

The way through to Authenticity is through the door of Gratitude. Enjoy who you are! Your quirks, eccentricities, awkward or shy moments are what someone loves the most about you! If everyone was cut from the same pattern we’d be a pretty dull planet down here. Have gratitude for your unique perspective on life and what has brought you to this moment!

We need your unique beauty and perspective; your ideas and your creativity; your organization and your structures; your clumsiness and your grace to make the world a more interesting and diverse place!

Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

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