Are You Enough? Know Your Value

Your Luminance vs. Your Saboteur
Your Luminance vs. Your Saboteur

Too few of us know what “value” we bring to the world and are trapped by our Saboteurs into believing we are somehow “not enough”. Despite all of our years of education (theoretically designed to understand our contribution) very few of us know our value.

What is Value?

It’s no wonder why we’re all confused on this point… What a loaded word “value” has become; it’s bandied about so much it’s lost all meaning.

On the one hand, we are constantly being told what to value by our culture. (Just watch TV commercials for 10 minutes and you’ll have a full picture of what we’re “supposed” to value.)

On the other hand, we’re told that to hold ourselves in too high an esteem is to be considered conceited, full of ourselves, narcissistic or show-offs.

Then we’re told by the world to “go out and make something of ourselves”! Ha! Think on that one for a moment…

[pullquote]Bringing your value shifts the energy-level of the planet[/pullquote] “Don’t think too much of yourself,” (surely this was right from the mouth of our inner critic, or Saboteur) coupled with, “now go make yourself useful”. How, precisely, are we to “make something of ourselves” when we’ve been told not to be “too big”? Just what is the “right size” anyway? We can get totally lost in that Perfection Trap.

The Focus is on Relationship

While the Sun is in Libra this month, the focus is on relationship and I’m suggesting that to have good relationships we’ve got to start with ourselves… Why? Simple, really: if you don’t value yourself, why would anyone else? Gotta Value You.

The Machine is Not Complaining…

Our capitalist culture is not complaining about our lack of self-worth and awareness. By not knowing our own value, we seek to fill the gaping hole where our self-esteem would be with “stuff”. We spend the way we do because we don’t believe “we are enough.” And, unfortunately, we are not really taught how to recognize our own value and so the cycle continues…

It is up to each of us to rise to the challenge of owning our own brilliance. It is up to You… And Wow… are you Bright!!

Once you begin to recognize the above, you get to choose how you will respond to this societal mixed message. When we begin to recognize and know in our hearts that we have important contributions to make, the energy level of the entire planet can start to shift.

You make a contribution… Recognizing Your Value:

Start here:

  1. You have a powerful impact on your world. Know it. Own it. It is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, true. Period.
  2. Start to recognize what your value is. Get real objective here. How are you received by the people who love you? How are they benefited by being around you? Ask someone you love to help you with this… If you don’t believe you have an impact, you may not be interacting fully with the world… and believe me, it’s how you’re seeing yourself that’s the problem, not your essential value.
  3. Learn what values your Sun Sign and your Moon Sign bring to the table by recognizing their messages within you. How are you a uniquely blended expression of these messages and these qualities? (Don’t know your Star Signs, check here.)

Stepping into our brilliant self and owning our value takes courage, because when we do, a world of infinite possibilities opens up before us… and Oh, what magic may we create then?! We need you.

Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

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