Sun Signs of Change

Change & You, What's Your Sign?
What’s Your Sign?

Is your life “perfect”?

Perhaps you are one of the “well-adjusted” people who can recognize every moment as one that serves a purpose; you flow with what comes, you create your days and live in perpetual gratitude, giving from an endless well…

Mazel Tov and a heartfelt blessing goes out to you; we need you in the world!

For the rest of us we do our best, and some days (weeks… months…?) we fall flat on our faces over and over again. What’s the biggest culprit in creating lives that feed our Souls? FEAR OF CHANGE.

Is this you?

You’ve recognized that something’s gotta shift, and it’s probably you. You climb the tall ladder, get your toes lined up with the edge of the high diving board, take a deep breath, look down and… stand there for the rest of your life.

Change can be terrifying…

So much so that we don’t even realize how frightening it is because we never get close enough to it to find out.

Here’s one internal conversation for many of us:

[pullquote]“Gee, this sucks. I feel stuck, off course, empty, bored, sad, overwhelmed, miserable, __________ and I want things to be different. What can I do to feel better? Maybe I’ll enroll in this course, read that book, take this workshop, go on a retreat, sign up for this program…” [/pullquote]

At which point we find ourselves exactly where we started but with a few more pieces of information in hand.

[pullquote]The answers we are looking for are not “out there”.[/pullquote]What’s happening here? Am I saying that self-improvement is a dead end. Absolutely not… Learning and exploration are vital to a well-lived life… What I am saying is that the answers we are looking for are not “out there”.

This comes as a blow to many because it always leads back to Change. Adding information into our brains, hearts & spirits is wonderful, please, have at it! But understand that if you really want to see noticeable changes in your life, you’re going to have to know “you” a whole lot better.

How can you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you are?

What do I mean by that?
Often times, feeling overwhelmed, stuck, frustrated, lost, empty or disappointed, comes from no knowing what would fulfill us… and we don’t know that because we don’t know who we are… To find out, we have to change some of our behaviors, the way we treat ourselves, the things we say to ourselves… We to have to change.

What’s your relationship with Change?

Do you fear change? Does it fill you with dread and Stop you in your tracks?
Do you allow change to gradually erode you like the ocean on the shore?
Or do you obsessively change, making it impossible to get anything done?

As Oscar Wilde said:

“Everything in moderation, including moderation.”

How Does Your Sun Sign Handle Change?

Each Sun Sign handles change differently. Some are more acclimated to it while others are freaked out, or frozen, by it. All have the capacity for change if you learn how to work with your tendencies.


Each sign falls into a “Mode”: a particular perspective on the world.
The Cardinals are the leaders of each element: Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn. They have a vision and get things started.
The Mutables are the flexible ones of each element: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces. They are excellent mediators and are more adapted to change.
The Fixed are the solid citizens of each element: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius. They get things done, at their own pace. They will not be moved.

Find your Sun Sign below and explore how
the Challenge shows up and start to experiment with the Change.

(Remember, if the below doesn’t feel like a fit, you may be living in your Moon Sign.
Find your Moon Sign here and then read the below as it pertains to your Moon.)

Cardinal Fire Sign: You love to get things started, so in some ways, change is not as frightening to you as it is to some. Your Challenge is in finishing things. Change will show up when you possess your soul in patience, stay the course and finish what you started.

Fixed Earth Sign: Change is definitely a four-letter-word for you. You like things to be predictable, solid, grounded… Your Challenge is in recognizing that change is implicit in everything and Change will happen when you relax your grip and allow that growth (including yours) only comes through metamorphosis.

Mutable Air Sign: You are one of those for whom change has become a habit, always wanting to try new things. Your Challenge is in staying with something, and exploring it deeply enough, to recognize how it has changed you for the better.

Cardinal Water Sign: For a leader, you’re not comfortable with change. Your Challenge is in recognizing when to hold on and when to let go. Change will come into your life when you recognize that your security comes from inside you.

Fixed Fire Sign: Like a Big Cat, you are uncomfortable with change, preferring things to remain as you already understand them. Your Challenge is that you cannot tolerate an apparent “loss of face” through lack of knowledge. By allowing that innovations bring increased opportunities for you to shine, and thereby serve your people, Change can flow into your life.

Mutable Earth Sign: Immersed in change, you sift through the stream of information you receive. Your Challenge is in recognizing the situation around you has changed; while you had your magnifying glass on the bark, the rest of the forrest magically appeared! Change will come when you step back and use your synthesizing mind to assess the entire situation.

Cardinal Air Sign: You have the same pull as the other leaders towards change, but your Challenge is in recognizing that some people may not like the changes you bring. By recognizing that in an effort to please everyone, you lose yourself, change will come when you no longer sacrifice what you want.

Fixed Water Sign: You’re a bit more willing to change than the other fixed signs if it means that the truth will be revealed. Your Challenge stems from holding your cards too close to your vest in an effort to control what others see. When you allow a trusted friend into your inner world, Change can be eased through the deep connection that follows.

Mutable Fire Sign: Another of those that may have an addiction to change, your Challenge is in pausing to create a plan of action. Change is the natural outcome gained when you start shooting for attainable stars in a gradual progression towards your goals.

Cardinal Earth Sign: You seek to be the leader of Change. The Challenge for you is in managing the mess that comes with it. Change will come when you get comfortable with your own “imperfections” as they bring unique solutions to otherwise daunting problems.

Fixed Air Sign: You’re a sneaky one as you appear to enjoy a constantly changing environment when in fact the chaos unnerves you. Your Challenge is in turning your innovative mind towards your own eccentricities. Change occurs when you tame the chaos within yourself and employ your eccentricities on behalf of the world.

Mutable Water Sign: So acclimated to the waters of change, you lose yourself along the way. Your Challenge is in maintaining an overriding vision, that includes all of yourself. Change can come for all of us, and bring the deep connections you crave, when you allow that the collective voice includes Yours.


Remember… Always infinite possibilities… always your Choice.

Please let us know, in the comments section below, how you allow change to flow into your life?

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  1. Koresun says:

    I found this to be a particularly thought-provoking opportunity for contemplation! Thanks!


    1. TrinityAvatar says:

      Hey, you’re welcome! What did you find thought-provoking? Thanks for commenting!


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