The Pilot of Your Soul: Your Patterns of Choice

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Automatic Pilot from "Airplane"
Are you on Automatic Pilot?
People are often surprised when I talk about Astrology from the perspective of “choice”. Many seem to believe that astrology is about static, carved in stone, “the way it is”, fated information… and they couldn’t be more wrong.

It’s the reverse that’s true; the wisdom of astrology actually increases your personal growth & choice options.

Astrology shows unconscious patterns, influences & strengths, and when you begin to see these patterns, you get to decide how you will meet them. Through exploring your astrology, your unconscious patterns are revealed and you are placed into a position of choice through this awareness. “Always infinite possibilities… always your choice,” remember?

Life patterns are gold mines of learning.

Take Life Patterns, for example. Did you know that these patterns are reflected in your astrological chart?

[pullquote]Astrology increases your personal growth and choice options[/pullquote] Life patterns are those situations we repeatedly find we ourselves in and we can’t seem to figure out why, such as: dating the wrong people, having the same arguments, self-care vs. self-abuse, winding up in the same job challenges again and again… These unconscious patterns can be found in your astrological birth chart, AND (here’s the important bit) they don’t have to rule your life forever.

As you become aware of these patterns you get to decide how you want to work with them. That’s when they can shift from an unconscious pattern to a conscious, recognizable influence that can be met with intention and changed.

Using your strengths to create your life.

And, by the way, these need not always be painful patterns! They can also be themes that show your strengths as well as where some of your most profound learning can be found…

[pullquote]You get to decide how you will work with your life patterns once you begin to recognize them.[/pullquote]This was sparked by my meeting with a dear, old friend yesterday. This friend has been the source of very powerful learning for me over the course of my life, and while we had a large gap in the middle of our friendship she seems to have shown up, once again, to teach me more things. One of my chart’s themes is “personal growth through friendships”. As this has been a theme with several of my clients this week, I thought I’d share.

What patterns are in your life?

Rather than running on “automatic pilot”, by locating these patterns, and their accompanying tools, your internal (or soul’s) pilot can help you choose how you will meet your patterns.

You can learn how to:

  • Dig deeper into interactions with friends (for example) and start asking yourself;
  • “What is my friend teaching me right now that I need to pay extra attention to?” and
  • “What is this situation showing me about my choices so that I can learn to make more life-affirming ones?”
  • Raise your antennae and get “present” in recognized situations to “listen” for the learning opportunities rather than be “controlled” by them.
  • Know your strengths: what patterns might yours be designed to meet and overcome? Dig deeper… they are there.

By exploring the ancient wisdom found in Astrology (roughly 3,600 years of information), you can begin to emerge from a life on automatic pilot into one where you take the wheel and create a life of beauty, joy and wonder!

Always infinite possibilities, always your choice

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