Your Hero’s Journey – Take the Next Step with Your Sun Sign

Journey of the Soul
Where are you standing at the edge of the cliff in your life refusing to take the next step?

It’s ironic, really… while many of us read about our “Sun Signs” in the daily Horoscope, we don’t know what to do with this information.

According to Liz Greene* (awesome, famous astrologer) in her book The Luminaries, our Sun Sign actually serves as our personal hero’s “call to adventure”. Ms. Greene refers to Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with A Thousand Faces, where he says that this “call to adventure” is at first refused by the hero. Isn’t that precisely what many of us do when our deep inner voice says, “it’s time to move”?

What gets in the way?

What is our Sun Sign pulling us towards? And how can we learn to embrace the challenges it presents rather than stand perched perpetually at the starting line?

The Hero's JourneyAs I’ve already discussed, our Sun Sign represents our Solar Energy, our gas in our engines, but that’s really just the start of it. There is a “call to adventure”, an ember that burns within our hearts, inherent in every Sun Sign. As we age, this call begins to drive us forward, or we unconsciously allow our Moon Shadows to eclipse it leaving us feeling incomplete, half-baked or otherwise unfulfilled. A big part of the answer to the question of our unfulfilled lives is found in our Sun Sign’s Call to Adventure. When we consciously incorporate the gifts and energy of our Sun Signs we can begin to step into our purpose.

So, why don’t we? We’re scared…

[pullquote]A big part of our fulfillment is found in our Sun Sign[/pullquote]If it were too easy, it may not be worth doing, right? As in the The Hero’s Journey our right to be the “hero” that comes through in the end, that helps others stand powerfully in their own lives, must be earned. We can only ever successfully stand for something we have ourselves already accomplished… or are working on! 😉 Which means we’ve got to go through the fire and come out the other side. That’s some scary s#*t.

And… if we don’t do it, we take the dream to our graves, where (depending upon your belief system) either we’re “done,” or we have to do it all over again. It makes no difference to the soul how many times we have to come back to do it, so why not “just do it” this time?

What’s calling you?

Every one of us, every one has something calling us forward. For some, that call is clear and we step forward brilliantly into who we truly ARE… Or we stand perpetually at the edge of the cliff with our hang-gliders, refusing to fly.

[pullquote]Everyone of us has something calling us forward[/pullquote]For others, we have gotten so far away from our “calling” that we’ve forgotten entirely that we ever had one. But you did. I promise. If this feels like you, you may be experiencing your own Solar Eclipse by living in the shadow of your Moon. The ember is found in your Sun Sign.

Yes, it’s that simple… and that complicated

Sure, the “gifts” outlined here may seem simplistic, but dig deeper. What is your particular expression of these? The rest of your astrological chart has a lot to say about how you express this energy, where in your life it is easiest to live out, and the challenges that get in the way. Schedule a Complimentary Session with me if you’d like to know more…

Always infinite possibilities… always your choice…

*The Luminaries Copyright ©1992 Liz Greene & Howard Sasportas, Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC, York Beach, ME.
Image credit: rolffimages / 123RF Stock Photo

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