Creating the “Just Right” Life Balance…

Goldilocks wakes up with Bears

Did Goldilocks Know Something We Don’t?

When I was 6, I captivated an audience with my heartfelt performance as Goldilocks in my Grammar School’s production of “Goldilocks & The Three Bears”.

It was the high point of my acting career…

OK, not really, but it did set the stage for the rest of my life’s quest in the pursuit of “just right”. Think about it… how many nursery rhymes actually set up an expectation that there should be an answer; a perfect way that life “should be”? Impossible…

[pullquote]Nursery Rhymes set us up with an expectation that there is a “perfect” somewhere if only we try hard enough…[/pullquote]As I’ve mentioned before, my Mom’s health has been compromised of late and I’m finding myself facing the question of Life Balance. How much taking care of her is “too much”, how much is “not enough”, what’s “just right”?

So why is it so tough for us to answer these questions?

Feeling your “truth” can be a complicated process, especially when your choices will affect others. Sometimes, the fear of hurting another prevents us from even sensing our answers to some of life’s most basic questions.

Where do you start when balancing your Life?

  1. There’s no “one right answer”.This goes back to my concept of “The Perfection Trap” wherein we get stuck because we believe that there is a mystical land of “perfection” somewhere and if we’re only “good enough” or “smart enough” we will find it. (It’s the Grail Quest people, and look what happened to the Monty Python gang! 😉 ) When we allow that there can only ever be a “best intention”, made from the heart, to do for others as well as ourselves that’s when we will be able to move forward with courage. (Or with full on terror, doesn’t much matter which, so long as we move.)
  2. What do You want? Acknowledging to yourself what you want is where to start. (FYI, “I want Life Balance” is not a helpful response, ditto “To be happy” because both are too vague.) Time to:
    • “build my business”
    • “practice my guitar”
    • “be with my kids or spouse”
    • “pursue another degree”
    • Or in my case “write my blog” or “my Mom to be healthy”

    These point to heart’s desires. Some “wants” we have control over (like my writing this blog), while others not so much (like making my Mom “healthy”).

    Start by recognizing your own feelings and desires. Yes, this can be the toughest of questions, but if you maintain “I don’t know”, that is where you will stay.

  3. Take a Leap of Faith. What are you willing to do? What choices are you willing to make? What will you say “no” to so you can say “yes” to something else? Ultimately, we can only ever do what we believe to be “right” and then trust, in whatever we hold sacred, that it’s the choice that serves the best end.
  4. Sacrifice; is it necessary? Is the choice really “you” OR “them”? So often I hear clients go to this “either/or” place. “Either I build my business, OR I take care of my Mom.” Well, are those really mutually exclusive choices? What about a little of both, with a nice spa day tossed in? 😉
  5. Check-in with your Sun Sign Gifts and your Lunar Needs What energy does your Sun Sign create? How might you use this energy to get clarity on the actions that will support your next steps? What Lunar Needs must be met for you to feel clear and stable?
  6. Stand in Gratitude for what you truly have in life! There is so much in each of our lives to feel deeply grateful for. Breathe it in, you know it’s there.

While seeking the “right” balance you could miss what you actually have: love, beauty, joy, peace… Leap, and trust your heart.

Remember, always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

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