Moon Shadow: Have you divorced your Moon?

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Moon eclipse with clouds
Being followed by a Moon Shadow?

It’s complicated…

Most people know their Sun Sign… you know, it’s the answer you give when someone asks you your “Sign”. (If you’re not sure of your Sun or Moon sign, check here.) What most people don’t know (which is equally as important) is their Moon Sign.

This is pretty ironic really, because your Moon Sign rules your unconscious or unintentional behavior while your Sun Sign is what you are working consciously to create in your life. So, it makes sense that nobody knows what it is, right?

In this case what you don’t know can kill ya.

[pullquote]Your Moon Sign rules your unconscious or unintentional behavior [/pullquote]As your Moon Sign represents behavior over which you have little control until you learn how to see it, it’s important to learn how to do that. I mean, who wouldn’t want more conscious control over their less than “charming” moments?

In addition to representing your emotional needs, your Moon Sign also represents your basic actions, feelings and the foundational behavior you learned as a kid to survive.

Deep stuff…

Very, very few of us are “Saints,” so it follows that we will have moments when we are not being “nice”. (Even you Libras who have convinced yourselves that you couldn’t be “mean” even if your toe was being stepped on…) I’m talking about the “human” emotions: jealousy, greediness, spitefulness, superiority, pettiness, anger… you know the “pretty stuff”. So, because we don’t want to acknowledge that we can have “pissy” moments, we will often times project, or displace, our Moon sign onto someone else and say it’s “them” who is jealous, greedy, etc.

It gets trickier…

[pullquote]Disown your Moon Shadow and you’ve disowned your Moon Shine. [/pullquote]These qualities are only the shadow side of our Moon Sign. There are also Moon Sign gifts like: insight, intuition, stability, nurturing, playfulness, follow-through, kindness, joy… But, because we’ve disowned the Shadow side of our Moon, we don’t get to have full access to the goodies. It’s “the baby with the bath water” folks. Disown your Moon Shadow and you’ve disowned your Moon Shine. (See, the good stuff! 😉 )

How can you tell if you’ve divorced your Moon?

There will be a quiz(!) coming soon, but here are some things to watch out for:

  • Feeling disconnected from your emotions.
  • A tendency to point your finger, and get angry at “people who…” with some “negative” statement. (People who are “jealous”, or “petty”, or “power mad”…) When you’re having a “bad day” how might these be some of your “not so nice” qualities?
  • Feeling the “victim” of “those people” (see above).
  • Dwelling in your darkness for too long… Depression, sadness, powerlessness… (Your Moon needs expression, and when you don’t allow it to shine, depression can set in.)

Remember, owning that you have “icky” feelings, doesn’t mean you have to act on them! (Your choice, remember?) But when you start to acknowledge to yourself that you have them, you get to reclaim more of your joy and authenticity! Not to mention your personal power!

What can you do to reclaim your Moon?

Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

Image credit: fotosell / 123RF Stock Photo

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