Where are you?

Washington Square Park Fountain, NYC
Washington Square Park Fountain, NYC

Where were you when you opened this blog post? Not physically, I’m talking about in your head, in your heart. Were you here, in this moment? Or were you somewhere in the future, or in the past?

A few days ago I was on my way to visit my Mom in the hospital (she’s home now, btw, and fine). I was worrying about if she was going to be OK, what we would do if she wasn’t, and how I could help her… I was freaking out. As I blindly, stress-walked ahead, I heard a giggling, and I stopped in my tracks.

Children were laughing in the fountain… the sun was shining brightly down upon Washington Square Park… the air was clear, fresh and fragrant with flowers… it was a sweet 72°… a beautiful, New York City day and I hadn’t noticed any of it!

[pullquote]Do your best to “tune in” to all that’s true in your life, not just the emergencies, but the good stuff too![/pullquote]

None of what I was obsessing about was actually there in that moment. None of it. Mom would still be where she was when I got there. Things would be figured out… when I got there. But in that moment, I was standing in the Sunshine watching a man and a dog playing tug of war while a gaggle of 2-year-olds staggered across a patch of grass.

We get lost, don’t we, in our day-to-day? We selectively tune in to what’s “going on” while we, just as selectively, tune out “everything else”.

Today, as we float through Mercury Retrograde (6/26/13-7/19/13), and electronics, vehicles, and communications start to go a little wonky, let’s pause and take in all of life. Not just the fact that the printer is on the fritz, but also that the Sun is shining through the window. Take a walk on your lunch break (even if it’s raining) and risk a smile at someone… see what happens.

Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

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