Mercury Retrograde in Cancer: Who’s Your Mama?

Stained Glass of Sign of Cancer from Chartres Cathedral, Chartres France, c. 1220
Stained Glass of Sign of Cancer from Chartres Cathedral, Chartres France, c. 1220

#2 in a Series of 3

“Mercury governs our thoughts and perceptions and these can limit us; but Mercury also gives us the ability to have new thoughts… which free… us.”1

This will be the 2nd of three Mercury Retrograde periods in water this year. Mercury will be Retrograde from Wednesday, June 26, 2013 through Friday, July 19, 2013. (The first was 2/23/13-3/17/13 in Pisces and the third this year will be 10/21/13-11/10/13 in Scorpio.)

[pullquote]Mercury will be Retrograde from Wednesday, June 26, 2013 through Friday, July 19, 2013[/pullquote]

When Mercury, the planet of communication, is Retrograde in Water we are being asked to reconsider our emotional perspectives on life and how they are serving us. This retrograde period Mercury is in the Sign of Cancer, the “Mother” of the constellations, and it asks us: “How do you need to be nurtured/mothered?”

Adding to the focus of this period, we also have the Sun, Venus & Jupiter in the sign of Cancer. “What does that mean, Christine?” Thanks for askin! 😉

While all the usual Mercury Retrograde cautions apply, during this Mercury Retrograde we have an opportunity to re-explore our feelings in reference to what it means to be mothered, nurtured and loved for the sake of our growth and creating our dreams.

A brief spin through the Sun Signs

What follows describes the part of your life Mercury is asking you to explore during this cycle. For a more accurate understanding, read the below but swop out your Rising Sign/Ascendant. Don’t know it? Check here.


This is only your Sun Sign (or Ascendant) here so this will be extremely general. In order to really understand how this transit will affect You we would need to look at your entire chart. Schedule your Complimentary Life Path Strategy Session to find out more!

Remember… re-explore these areas, but (where possible) make no final changes until Mercury goes “Direct” on July 19.


Home & Private Life: Consider what you need in terms of nurturing & mothering at home and in your private life: what larger goals might you want to fulfill and what old ways of perceiving may be blocking them that you can release now? Express your needs to those you care about. Reflect and take action after July 19.


Communication, Siblings & Immediate Family: Running at a frantic pace & losing site of your present in your intense communications? Mercury is asking you to reflect on what kind of nurturing & mothering you need in your communications. It’s time to slow down, process all you’ve been absorbing and consider your next moves come mid July.


Personal Belongings, Finance, Values: What do you value and how does it nurture you? What makes you feel stable?Consider where you may have been neglecting your values. Not a great time to close business deals. See if you can wait until Mercury goes Direct on July 19. If you can’t, be sure to cross your “t’s” and dot your “i’s”.


Your Personal Expression: It’s time to focus upon your self-expression and what nourishes you: how can you mother yourself now? What no longer nurtures you and is time to release? What’s the cost to you and to the world of not asking for what you need? Consider how you might shift this in Mid July.


Go within… This is a time of reflection and meditation; what nurtures you? What is is like to be mothered? Be clear in communications with others, keeping secrets undermines your trustworthiness. Explore your own hidden motivations, how are they feeding & nourishing you? Consider where are you being dishonest with yourself and make some changes come July 19th.


Groups and organizations… How are your ideas reflective & nurturing of those of your group? Do these ideas nourish who you are? Are the group’s goals also your own? This is a time to understand how your goals are being met by You and what feelings may be blocking the attainment of these goals.


Career… It’s time to get a firm grip on how your emotions are supporting or interfering with your career. Research where you would like your career to go and plan to take the necessary steps in this area when Mercury goes direct on July 19th. For now, look within to see where you are not nurturing your own growth and how your feelings are interfering with who you want to be in the world.


Higher Education, Distant Travel: Perhaps it’s time to go back to school? How do you feel when you look at your current level of education? Do you feel fulfilled? If “Yes,” then this is a time to look at where else you want to broaden your own horizons. What inside you might be fed by travelling? Research this possibility and go after mid-July. If the answer is “No,” research what it will take to get that degree.


Deep Inner Work & Shared Finances: Get ready for some soul-searching. Is it time to air out some deep personal truths and to explore what mothering means to you, if only to yourself? On a more basic level, you may just be revisiting shared finances or property, in which case, explore & understand your feelings, but don’t sign anything until after July 19.


Marriage, Partnership, “Others”: How well are you communicating with the most important people in your life? Have you left too much unsaid around what nurtures you? Are there deeper truths you yearn to reveal, but have been afraid to do so? Consider how what you’ve been holding back is impacting you and your relationship. What is it you want to say? Come July 19th, it may be time to “get real”.


Work & Health: Where have you been hiding your feelings so that it is now manifesting in your body as some kind of sickness? (I’m not necessarily talking about major illness here, you could just be “run down”.) How can you mother yourself now? If you’re not fulfilled in your work, you could be feeling it in your body. Reflect on what needs to shift so that you can feel better about work and get healthier. Start by nurturing yourself now, but be prepared to make some more serious moves in mid-July.


Creativity, Children & Romance: What does motherhood mean to you? Where might you give birth to your own creations? If you’ve been creatively blocked, it could be because you’re not expressing your feelings. Consider the impact of your unexpressed emotional needs upon your creative expression, and avoid manipulating others to distract from your own true feelings. Where are you blocking yourself and what are you prepared to do about it when Mercury goes Direct?

And finally… Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

Contact me if you would like to explore your own chart or if you’d like a complimentary Sneak Peek at your Astrological Life Path.

1. Liz Greene & Howard Sasportas, Inner Planets (Boston, MA: Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC, 1993), page 22.

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  1. Koresun says:

    Happy July 20th! I often breathe a sigh of relief when Mercury goes direct. The last few months have been an exercise in handling stress, and I hope that i have “gotten” the lesson. One thing I have learned is how to be gentler with myself. I sometimes behave as though I am the woman of steel, but in June I found out that I wasn’t quite as impervious as I thought. That’s one lesson I’ve learned. I suspect that there are others.


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