Stepping Into the Light – Working with Your Sun Sign

Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.”β€” Desiderius Erasmus

Allow your Solar Energy to infuse you.
Allow your Solar Energy to infuse you.

Working from my home office requires a great deal of self-motivation. There are times when I find myself slipping into a lonely space and I lose focus; or worse my Saboteur (you know that nasty inner voice that whispers mean things in your ear) ambushes me and I find myself in a dark space where I second-guess myself and what I’m doing…

Sound familiar? You are not alone. Every one of us can fall into a place of sadness or even despair every now and then. The important thing to remember is that you can always, always come back.

A dear friend of mine recently found themself in a very dark place, and after a time they realized that they had a Choice. They didn’t have to stay in that isolated, internal prison if they didn’t want to. I am so happy & proud to report that they have chosen to return! πŸ™‚

[pullquote]As long as you breathe, your light shines deeply within you.[/pullquote]I share this story with you because every day, every moment we have a choice of where we will focus our minds and put the considerable energy of our thoughts. (For more on how, check out my “got meditation?” post.

When we become prisoners of our own minds, we cannot see any light, even our own light feels like it has gone out. But this is impossible because as long as you breathe, your light shines deeply within you.

This blocking of our own light takes more energy than you may realize. Holding yourself in a dark place is a full-time job: why do you suppose it’s impossible to get anything else done from there?

[pullquote]Allow this energy to infuse your cells… Feel yourself sparkle with it…[/pullquote]There are multiple things that could distract you from your funk: a beautiful day, flowers growing in front of your home, a baby’s goony smile, a dog’s goofy grin, your favorite song, the sunrise, the sunset, your best friend, your co-worker’s phone conversation, comfortable shoes, your cat’s fuzzy belly, your nail polish, a treasured book… I could fill up the rest of this blog with “reasons to be cheerful”, but I think you take my point?

Step Into The Light of your Sun Sign Gift…

The next time you feel yourself going a bit gloomy about the mouth and shoulders, Step Into The Light of your Sun Sign Energy. Try this 5-minute visualization:

  1. Start with the Three-Part Breath (aka 4-6-8 Breath)
  2. Cast back into your memory and find a time when you expressed the below gifts most powerfully .
  3. Breathe life into this memory, allow it to fill up your cells. What were you doing? What were you feeling? Who was with you? Where were you? Feel yourself sparkle with it.
  4. Know this is a part of you. You bring this energy and no-one else expresses it quite the way you do. This is one of your gifts to yourself and the world… And if you’ve been forgetting about it, that’s likely why you’re feeling gloomy. Get proactive! Create opportunities to express this energy! Stepping into your own light will break you out of the self-imposed bars of your prison.

These are your Sun Sign Gifts. They won’t represent every part of who you are (your entire birth chart does that), but they do express the energy that fuels you. When you turn up the heat on your own internal fuel, you can’t help but feel more present and ready to face whatever comes your way…

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Find Your Sun Sign Gifts below:

This is what fuels Your internal LUMINANCE
and is one of the main things you create in the world.

ARIES: β€œI AM.” March 20-April 19
The Energy to: Lead & Move Ahead.
Gifts: FAST, daring, risk-taker, leader, passionate, energetic, friendly, extrovert, child-like wonder, independent, ardent.

TAURUS: β€œI HAVE.” April 20-May 20
The Energy to: Build & Maintain.
Gifts: Solid, stable, sensual, contemplative, creative, reliable, practical, lover of food, hedonistic.

GEMINI: β€œI THINK.” May 21-June 20
The Energy to: Communicate & Engage
Gifts: Conversationalist, diversifying, inquisitive, intellectual, quick mind, clever tongue, adaptable, versatile.

CANCER: β€œI FEEL.” June 21-July 22
The Energy to: Create Safety & Security.
Gifts: Nurturing, emotional, loving, intuitive, protective, sympathetic, moves at things sideways, shrewd, thoughtful.

LEO: β€œI WILL.” July 23-August 22
The Energy to: Be Seen & Known, To Rule in Service.
Gifts: Generous, warm-hearted, loyal, natural ruler, creative, enthusiastic, faithful, loving, broad-minded, β€œbright”.

VIRGO: β€œI ANALYZE.” August 23-September 22
The Energy to: Distill, Catalog & Conserve.
Gifts: Modest, analytical, organized, practical, intelligent, knowledgeable, reliable, of service, detail oriented.

LIBRA: β€œI BALANCE.” September 23-October 22
The Energy to: Create Relationship & Harmony.

Gifts: Diplomatic, romantic, charming, idealistic, seeking balance & peace, cerebral, kind, flirtatious, β€œiron-fist in the velvet glove,” fair.

SCORPIO: β€œI DESIRE.” October 23-November 21
The Energy to: Dig Deep & Reveal the Truth.
Gifts: Incisive mind, hypnotic, determined, forceful, emotional, intuitive, passionate, knowing, deep, powerful, intense.

SAGITTARIUS: β€œI AIM.” November 22-December 21
The Energy to: Assert Yourself & Make People Think.
Gifts: Teaching, philosophizing, jovial, studious, optimistic, freedom-loving, honest, good-humored, β€œlucky”, adventurous.

CAPRICORN: β€œI UTILIZE.” December 22-January 19
The Energy to: Create Structures & Strategies.
Gifts: Executive, managerial, practical, disciplined, ambitious, earthily passionate, humorous, patient, prompt.

AQUARIUS: β€œI KNOW.” January 20-February 18
The Energy to: Be Original.
Gifts: Friendly, honest, original, independent, intelligent, innovative, inventive, humane. Making the rules & breaking them.

PISCES: β€œI BELIEVE.” February 19-March 20
The Energy to: Be Deeply Emotional, To Sacrifice for a Cause.
Gifts: Show the connection of all things, creative, intuitive, spiritual, kind, imaginative, magical, compassionate, selfless, tuned-in, sympathetic.

Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

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Image Credit: Ivan Mikhaylou

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