Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Partial Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse on May 25th in Sagittarius

(affecting Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces most strongly). The effects of an eclipse can be felt up to 6 weeks on either side.

With the Sun in Gemini, the sign of the student, and the Moon in Sagittarius, the sign of the teacher, this Eclipse is all about the thoughts and ideas that rule our lives. As the Law of Attraction indicates, we get what we focus upon (consciously or unconsciously). Where are your thoughts going these days and how is it affecting your life?

What do you really think? Are you living your life based upon a set of ideals you inherited, which may or may not reflect who you have become, or have you formed your own vision for your life?

For each Sun Sign, explore how your thoughts, ideas, ideals, and ways of perceiving are affecting the focused area of your life indicated below. Are you getting what you are focusing on, and is that what you want? How might a shift in thinking change the path you are on to one that reflects your own thoughts and ideals?

[pullquote]Use your thoughts to guide your life to a new place of abundance.[/pullquote]Eclipses force us to look at areas of emotional lack in our lives. Where have your thoughts led to a feeling of lack? From a place of choice, how can this new awareness guide your thoughts and actions going forward to a new place of abundance in the areas indicated below?

(For the most accurate area of your life affected, look at the below using your Ascendant in place of the sun. Meaning if your Ascendant is Aries, read Sun in Aries. Don’t know your Ascendant, find it here.)

Sun in Aries: Higher education, travel, intuitive processes, philosophy & religion, journeys (internal & external), publishing/teaching/promoting, in-laws.

Sun Taurus: Other people’s “stuff”, other people, shared things, how we fare in partnership, destroying old ego issues and opening new ones, sex, death & divorce, self-regeneration.

Sun in Gemini: Partnerships, marriage, “other”, our partner, open enemies, our projections, relationship to society, “me” vs. “you”.

Sun in Cancer: Work & co-workers, health, our selective/assessing mind, mind-body, day-to-day activities, being of service.

Sun in Leo: Creativity & self-expression, romance & sexual attraction, children, our expanded influence, joie de vivre, hobbies, inner child.

Sun in Virgo: Home, foundation, childhood, sense of “me”, our inner self & private life, family of origin, the passive parent (often father), conditions around end of life.

Sun in Libra: Communications & communication style, local travel, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, your practical mind (left-brain), our view our local environment.

Sun in Scorpio: Finances, what belongs to you, your innate wealth, your body, attachments, what you value/desire.

Sun in Sagittarius: Self, physical vitality & appearance, how we meet the world, the effect we have on others, your personal hero’s journey.

Sun in Capricorn: What is hidden in your life, unconscious behaviors, hidden enemies (both internal & external), institutions, prisons, collective unconscious, karma.

Sun in Aquarius: Friends/goals/groups/organizations, something higher than ourselves, social reforms/causes, the group/global mind, “our gang”, goals, hopes & dreams.

Sun in Pisces: Career, place in the world, how we wish to be seen, our desired legacy, ambition, authority figures, our nurturing parent (often mother).

Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

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