The 12th Circle of Hell… Uranus Square Pluto

#2 in a Series

OK, so there really are only 9 Circles of Hell in Dante's Inferno...
OK, so there really are only 9 Circles of Hell in “Dante’s Inferno”…

(I know, I’m being “dramatic” (what do you want with a Leo rising and an Aries moon anyway? 😉 )

The Uranus / Pluto square will be the strongest from roughly May 15-June 8 at 12 degrees… WTF does that mean, right?

[pullquote]This square can provide the fuel to create meaningful change in your life. [/pullquote]Right now we are dealing with very powerful, universal forces. So, while the below really applies to everybody, it will hit the Cardinals the hardest (no, not the baseball team, silly!) Aries, Libras, Capricorns & Cancers… especially if your birthday falls towards the end of the second week of your sign. Or if your Ascendant or primary planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, in that order of intensity) fall at 12 degrees of anything (from >11° & <12° is considered 12°). (You can find your Sun/Moon/Ascendant here.) By mid to late June it won’t be quite as intense…

Hold still, like pulling off a band-aid, this may sting a little (or maybe even a lot).

Uranus the earth shaker, is in the sign of Aries, the Warrior. It wants to aggressively (Aries) stir things up and create change where things have gone stagnant (Uranus).

Pluto, the planet of death & rebirth, is in the sign of Capricorn, which could be said to rule the world of the Corporation… Suggesting that what is no longer “true” or functional (Pluto) within corporations or organizations (Capricorn) has got to be cleaned out like a festering wound (a dash of Chiron), revealing what’s pure and real within (Pluto). (For more on this concept, see my next article… link to come.)

[pullquote]Moaning, groaning and wallowing will only bring more reasons to moan and groan. [/pullquote]On a personal level, anything that’s stopped being functional in your life, or is no longer serving you, has got to be sheared away. (“Death” need not mean literal death, of course, but rather the severing of anything that’s not “true”.)

Uranus sets off the changes that Pluto is now demanding of us. What isn’t working will be knocked down so it can be rebuilt. Like cleaning out the garage, old, out-moded ways of being are tossed out so that we can be more authentic and have meaningful relationships with ourselves and others.

So, if you’re feeling particularly “icky” now that’s probably why. (I’m right in the thick of it with you, believe me… 😉 )

Look for the lesson.

Socio-economic forces at play in the world are impacting you on a personal level. It’s time to pull yourself out of any negative thinking, and look at how this time can serve your learning personally. Moaning, groaning and wallowing will only bring more reasons to moan and groan. Yes, change can be hard… And with the fuel provided by this square, you have a greater chance to create something meaningful if you acknowledge that you are not a helpless victim. How have you participated in creating your current situation? What part, however small, have you played that allowed this situation to spin out of control?

When we look at our own involvement in a situation, we can take charge of that involvement and change our behavior to create a better outcome. When we insist we are the helpless victim, that’s where we will remain.

[pullquote]What kind of emotional/spiritual “physical therapy” is it time to do so you can feel more alive?[/pullquote]You may have suspected a new way of being was coming into your life and were hoping it would just go away… Surprise! Not gonna happen.

What is this challenging time revealing to you about you? What old behaviors are ready to shift into new, more authentic ways of being? Find your own truth now; welcome the changes with open arms and it may not feel like such a shock. Or you can fight it and have it hurt even more…

Consider the old joke: “Doc, it hurts when I do this…” “Well, stop doing that!” What is it time to stop doing because it hurts too much? What kind of emotional/spiritual “physical therapy” is it time to do so you can feel more alive?

Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

Image credit: “The Chart of Hell”, Botticelli, Sandro 1480

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  1. Kore says:

    I’ve recently been through a confrontation with a government organization in which I was treated so badly that it knocked the fight out of me. The ideas expressed in this blog suggest a way that I might recharge my battery and continue fighting for my rights. And it came right in time!


    1. TrinityAvatar says:

      Great Kore! How are you recharging your battery? If memory serves, you’ve got a Leo Sun so recharging your battery would be making sure you’re spending time amongst your people, feeling seen and known. Glad this was so timely for you! 🙂


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