New Moon in Taurus with Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse - New Moon in Taurus
Solar Eclipse – New Moon in Taurus

(OK, so while this hit most precisely 5/9/13 at 8:30 pm, it is still in effect today and may be felt for the next 6 months…)

Solar Eclipse / New Moon in Taurus (with Mars and Mercury), while the Moon is simultaneously Void of Course.

Wow, that’s quite a bit of Taurus, all clustered together… So what does it mean??

This is a time of reevaluating our sense of worthiness, making solid & sound plans. It’s a time of new beginnings, what we are planting now comes into fruition in two weeks time (and may affect us for the next 6 months).

While the Moon is Void of Course today, it’s a great time to meditate upon the concepts I’m discussing here, but take action on these things tomorrow (after 5/10/13)…. When we combine Mars & Mercury, this is a time to put our thinking (Mercury) into action (Mars) on these matters, in a contemplative and methodical, yet passionate way… tomorrow. (Remember, things begun under a Void of Course Moon tend to fizzle out quickly, so take action on these thoughts tomorrow…)

[pullquote]We are collectively exploring what we value and our own sense of worthiness[/pullquote]At this time we are collectively exploring what money (and what we value) means to us, how its presence in our lives has been affecting us, and to develop a new relationship with it. Time to increase our earnings in an effort to support our own sense of self-worth. We must recognize that while money is a wonderful tool, our feelings of self-worth come from within and from what is truly ours, rather than what possessions we may or may not have. What is it that really makes you happy from a place of longevity & security?

While there is a collective concentration on what we value, the effects will be focused on a personal level in the areas of your life as indicated below by Sun Sign. How do you choose to meet these energies in these areas of your life?
(For the most accurate reading of the personal areas affected, read the below by Ascendant, or Rising Sign. Don’t know it? Find it here.)

[pullquote]The effects discussed above will be felt most strongly in these areas by Sun Sign[/pullquote]Aries: Finances, what belongs to you, your innate wealth, your body, attachments, what you value/desire.

Taurus: Self, physical vitality & appearance, how we meet the world, the effect we have on others, your personal hero’s journey.

Gemini: What is hidden in your life, unconscious behaviors, hidden enemies (both internal & external), institutions, prisons, collective unconscious, karma.

Cancer: Friends/goals/groups/organizations, something higher than ourselves, social reforms/causes, the group/global mind, “our gang”, goals, hopes & dreams.

Leo: Career, place in the world, how we wish to be seen, our desired legacy, ambition, authority figures, our nurturing parent (often mother).

Virgo: Higher education, travel, intuitive processes, philosophy & religion, journeys (internal & external), publishing/teaching/promoting, in-laws.

Libra: Other people’s “stuff”, other people, shared things, how we fare in partnership, destroying old ego issues and opening new ones, sex, death & divorce, self-regeneration.

Scorpio: Partnership, marriage, “other”, our partner, open enemies, our projections, relationship to society, “me” vs. “you”.

Sagittarius: Work & co-workers, health, our selective/assessing mind, mind-body, day-to-day activities, being of service.

Capricorn: Creativity & self-expression, romance & sexual attraction, children, our expanded influence, joie de vivre, hobbies, inner child.

Aquarius: Home, foundation, childhood, sense of “me”, our inner self & private life, family of origin, the passive parent (often father), conditions around end of life.

Pisces: Communications & communication style, local travel, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, your practical mind (left-brain), our view our local environment.

If you’d like to schedule a session with me to explore all of this more fully, Contact me! I’d love to hear from you!

Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

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