Your Sun Sign Energy: Are you running on fumes?

Solar Energy bathes the Earth
How does your Solar Energy show up in your life?
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[pullquote]Your Sun Sign, or Solar Energy, is what fuels your personal impact on the world. Is it warming you or leaving you cold?[/pullquote]

Your Sun Sign (what most people call “your Sign”) is an important piece of the puzzle of you. By no means is it the only piece, but it does represent your Solar Energy or the “fuel” that empowers your life.

Think of your Solar Energy as the gas in your car’s engine. When your tank is nearly empty and you’re running on fumes, that can be a nerve-wracking experience. We can all probably agree that keeping our cars “fueled up” is the most comfortable way to drive around. But what kind of fuel runs your car best?

Consider each sign, Aries through Pisces, as a different kind of fuel for your own personal engine. Some fuel, or energy is dynamic, or even frenetic, while other energy is more restrained, or peaceful… All energy is seeking to accomplish something.

When you are aware of your Solar Energy, you can choose to manifest it in a conscious way and direct where it will go.

When you neglect to assert this energy deliberately, the energy tends to shift to its shadow side and will manifest in more challenging ways. Your Solar energy exists within you whether you choose to communicate it into the world deliberately or not.

How do you choose to experience your own Solar Energy?

You get to choose… Will you experience it through its conscious manifestation where you get to choose how it shows up? Or through its shadow manifestation where the outcome could be challenging or even painful? By owning that this energy is a part of you, you get to decide how you will let it shine.

Much like a child, if you ignore it long enough, your Solar Energy will begin to act out to get your attention. It will be expressed somehow.

[pullquote]Your Solar energy exists within you whether you choose to communicate it deliberately or not.[/pullquote]How does your Solar Energy show up in your life? Sometimes we cannot perceive this energy in our lives and that may be due to other planetary interference. A full NatalEnergetics℠ session will reveal how your solar energy is being either supported or challenged in your life.

If your Solar Energy is not present in your life, you could be feeling pretty out of sorts… just like “running on fumes”. (See chart below.)

How is your Solar Energy showing up in your life? Let me know in the comments section…

Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

NOTE: Sun Sign dates vary year to year. If you’re not sure of your Sun Sign, contact me or use the Sun/Moon/Ascendant Finder.

Music Credit (in podcast): “Here Comes the Sun” ©Copyright 1969 by The Beatles

Sun Sign Solar Needs Chart. Copyright 2013 Christine Faucher-Kelley   

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