Your Astrological Body

Les Tres Riches Heures

Our bodies talk to us all day long. They tell us what they need, if we will only learn how to listen.

A friend of mine is having some heart & knee trouble and I thought to myself, “Well yeah… Leo Sun and a Capricorn Moon? That figures…” Did you know that our astrology shows itself in our bodies?

Each body part (as well as the internal organs) is associated with an astrological planet & sign. Starting with the head we have Aries & the planet Mars, down to our feet to Pisces & the planet Neptune. (See more details here).

Now… let’s add another layer: each planet reflects different aspects of you. As mentioned, your Sun Sign brings you a particular flavor of energy. In the case of Leo, these people are energized by being:

  • royal leaders
  • outgoing
  • fearless
  • dramatic
  • with “their people”
  • seen

Ever hear of being “lion-hearted”? Yup, that’s right, Leo rules the heart.

Let’s move to the Moon for a moment. Your Moon Sign points to the needs you need to have met in order to feel “comfortable”. Capricorn Moon needs are to be:

  • executive
  • organized
  • grounded
  • physical
  • useful
  • effective

And Capricorn rules (amongst other things) the knees.

Don’t know your Sun/Moon combination? Find it here!

My friend’s body is speaking using the vocabulary of her chart. It’s saying, “We are spending too much time alone and isolated. It’s time to do something about it.” So I asked her, “What are you doing to be amongst your people? Where in your life are you feeling useful and effective?”

Our bodies talk to us all day long. They tell us what they need, if we will only learn to listen. If we disregard them for too long they begin to manifest symptoms that “will not be ignored.” (Think Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction”… they get PISSED.)

What’s your body saying? Check the below table for the Solar Energies and Lunar Needs arranged by Astrological Sign. Consider whether you are either being energized in that way (Sun) or if your needs are being met (Moon). If they are not, your body’s communication could get LOUDER in the area indicated.

Solar Energy_Lunar Needs Chart
Solar Energy, Lunar Needs chart

Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

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