Astrology, Coaching & You

Astrology represents the summation of all of the psychological knowledge of antiquity–Carl Jung

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Why are you here?

I don’t mean here on this website, but here on this planet. What is your purpose? Do you know? If you’re like most of us, you haven’t a clue, or very few clues. With this gap in our understanding, in order to survive, we develop “false personalities” which blurs our purpose further.

You just need glasses, and maybe a hearing aid…

The answer to “Why are you here?” is found in this simple question: “What are you doing?”

You may not realize it, but every aspect of your life reflects your “purpose”. Whether you’re on-path, doing your thing, or you’re off-path, wandering around in the weeds, every aspect of your life represents what you are here to do. Does it feel that way? Very likely it does not.

Perhaps you just don’t know what you’re looking at?

Do you know the story of the Hindus who encounter an elephant in the dark? (Click link for a poem by Rumi…)

blind monks examining an elephant
Your life purpose is right in front of you.

The person who holds the elephant’s trunk says it’s a water pipe, the second holds an ear and says it’s a fan, another has a leg and says it’s a pillar… you know the one. But the elephant remains an elephant, right?

Your life purpose is like that elephant: right in the palm of your hand, you just don’t know what you’re looking at.

Soul Development…

You have a Life Essence, a Core, a Unique Expression, an Energy, a Force… I call it a Soul. Your Soul has a purpose that it needs to accomplish to evolve.

Learning to listen to your Soul’s guidance is one of the first steps along your path to purpose.

You and your Soul are a team with you performing the actions that you both need for growth and development.

How to start to recognize your Soul Purpose

  • When you are in sync with your Soul you feel “good”: alive, clear, focused, and on-path. You’re “in the flow” and life feels like it “makes sense”. While sometimes you’re not having “fun”, your path still feels “right”.
  • When you’re out of sync with your Soul, you live in your “false personality” and you feel “bad”: overwhelmed, sad and lost. It feels like every direction you turn in you meet with a wall. This is your Soul telling you you’re “in the weeds”. When you find yourself there, check-in with what you know about yourself. What are you focusing on and where do you choose to focus your thoughts? That thoughtful focus represents one of your Soul’s desires.

Medieval Astrological Constellations

Where does Astrology come in?

Your astrological birth chart is a celestial map of You; the blueprint for your Soul’s Purpose showing your basic personality, the karma you’re ready to overcome, your tools & your challenges.

Finding Your Purpose in your Birth Chart

The chart reveals your Soul’s Purpose in many ways, including:

  • Your Sun Sign which represents the energy of your Soul; what pushes you forward?
  • Your Moon Sign which shows not only your most recent past life, but what emotional needs you have.
  • Your Rising Sign which is the vehicle your Soul is moving around in, and is the part of you you show the world.

Astrological Soul Development Coaching provides a practice to consciously develop your Soul’s Purpose.

Coaching helps you develop clarity, focus, accomplishment and peace. Together, we develop a plan that incorporates the learning from your chart with the benefits of coaching so that you can pursue with intention Your Purpose.

Is Astrological Soul Development Coaching for you? Do you want to:

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed?
  • Live on purpose and make “it” happen?
  • Express your true self?
  • Live creatively, with clarity and meaning? Then…

You betcha.

Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

Music Credit (in podcast): “Breton Medley” ©Copyright 2002 by Azam Ali

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