Moon Void of Course, Taurus to Gemini

When the Moon is Void, do your best to sit back and reflect.

Well Folks, while Mercury is back on track today, it’s still dicey out there when it comes to the timing of major decisions or serious changes… The Moon will be “Void of Course” for some big chunks this week, starting tonight (11/26) from 7:57 pm through tomorrow (11/27) until 7:58 pm and then again on Wednesday (11/28) from 8:04 pm through Friday (11/30) 8:55 am.

When the Moon is Void of Course it’s best to do things that are self-reflective rather than promotive:

  • edit your writing, don’t mail it to the publisher;
  • work on your resume, don’t go on the interview;
  • talk on the phone, don’t go on the first date…

unless you’d rather it didn’t come to anything…

That’s the key: things started under a VOC tend to fizzle out rather quickly. (VOC simply means that the Moon will change signs before it makes an aspect to another planet. See this article to learn more.)

Moon Void of Course Dates 11-25-12-1-12
Take some downtime… If you can avoid it, don’t make important decisions during VOCs.

The Moon VOC is a time of drifting and dreaming: once the Moon has completed its aspect “to-do” list, it can just “hang out in the Void” in its current emotional phase, waiting to change signs.

Right now the Moon is in Taurus going into the sign of Gemini when it leaves the “Void”. In Taurus this means tomorrow life will want to be pretty laid back: a desire to enjoy relaxing times, delicious food, sensuous experiences and being “in the body” (like yoga, or singing). When it shifts into Gemini, get ready for the phone to start ringing as Gemini is pretty much the communicator of the Zodiac.

Then on Wednesday night (11/28), having finished up it’s phrenetic Gemini communication (aka aspects), the Moon will want to process all of the intellectual input it has received, presenting its grumpier Twin until it shifts into Cancer. Watch for a kinder, gentler, nurturing energy which wants to be expressed Friday Morning.

What does all of this mean to you?

Depending upon the Moon sign you were born under, you may “flow well” with these changing energies or not. (See my article “Why Astrology?” for more on energy expression). While the overall feeling in the world during these VOCs may be the desire to experience the senses (Taurus), the preference for communication (Gemini) or the need to nurture (Cancer), your Moon sign may find some of these emotional states uncomfortable and so you may resist going with the flow and find yourself in a fog. Do your best to take it easy if possible.

My advice? If possible, reschedule major decisions & purchases and start important projects on another day.

If you cannot avoid making major shifts during these phases (which happen every few days: see the dates in December 2012 as an example) recognize that you may have to restart what you have begun again when the Moon leaves the Void.

Always infinite possibilities, always your choice.

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