Your Mercury Retrograde Rx (Prescription)

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Greek god Hermes aka Roman god Mercury
Yes, Mercury is god of communication… but he’s also a bit of a trickster!

(Cut to the chase? The usual Mercury Retrograde Cautions)

Well… in keeping with Mercury Retrograde’s timing issues, I thought I’d submit my observations late. Wouldn’t want to disappoint Mercury, now would we?

Have you ever sat on a still train when the train beside you started to move and it felt like it was your train that was moving when yours was actually still? That’s kinda what it looks like Mercury is doing from our perspective here on Earth… not to mention what it feels like.

When Mercury Rx occurs, there are those who start thinking that all kinds of “bad things” are about to happen.

That depends heavily on your perspective.

Yes, Mercury Rx brings up some, um, “interesting” obstacles to overcome, so it’s important to understand what it’s “on” about.

Mercury Rx asks us to reconsider and reexamine past decisions and actions. Specifically, in this case, it wants us to look at what happened 3 months prior, on or around August 7, 2012. But that’s not all… This Mercury Rx spans two signs this time around: it starts in Sagittarius and (going backwards) it ends in Scorpio. Two rather different energies.

Mercury in Fire looks at our intuition, and in Sagittarius, our philosophy and our spiritual beliefs (amongst many other things). Combine that with an Rx and what’s the prescription? It’s time to reflect upon our philosophies, our intuition and our spiritual beliefs.

  • How are we living our philosophies?
  • How are we walking our walk?
  • Living our beliefs?

Interesting how the Republican platform this election was so heavily weighted towards “religious” concerns and the day Mercury went retro in fire, as a Country, we voted to maintain our own religious perspectives without the help of government, thank-you-very-much. Hmmm…? 😉

On November 15th Mercury leaves Sagittarius and moves into Scorpio. Entirely different waters, but still demanding reflection. In water & Scorpio, Mercury Rx revisits your inner feelings & truths…

  • Where in your life have you been skating along, afraid to explore what lays beneath the surface?
  • Where have you been dishonest with, or betrayed, yourself?
  • Where is it time to speak your truth, if only to the mirror?

Ya know… the light stuff?

The usual Mercury Retrograde cautions…

So, yeah, until November 25 you should be mindful of the usual Mercury Retrograde cautions:

  • Technology: Expect technological SNAFUs (computer & printer issues, vehicles breaking down…).
  • Travel: Allow extra time to get anywhere.
  • Communication: “Say again?” Miscommunications and misunderstandings all around. Be precise about what you say, and on important things, make sure the other person understands by having them repeat back what you said.
  • Think before you speak.
  • Appointments: Check your datebooks before you make plans. Check and double check appointments, times, meetings.
  • Be extra organized.
  • Projects: If you have to finalize projects, or sign anything, read the fine print… pay special attention to details. If you don’t have to finalize, don’t.
  • Cut others some slack… they’re experiencing Mercury Rx too!

If you read nothing else, read this:

What Mercury is really about right now is making you look again at what matters. What is the outcome of these delays? What do they keep placing you in front of over and over again? Watch for the pattern, it’s there.

By placing these obstacles on our paths, Mercury is telling us that we can no longer be in denial about what really matters to us.

Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

Music Credit (in podcast): “Bohemian Rhapsody” ©Copyright 1975 by Queen

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Thanks, Christine.  I think I will take it easy, this month, and allow lots of space for things to unfold.


    1. TrinityAvatar says:

      Hello Olga! Thanks for commenting! 
      Indeed, allowing space this month for contemplation of what’s important in your life as well as time and space for the unfolding of events would be wise as well as peace-promoting. 
      Mercury has no mal-intent, it’s merely reflecting our soul’s need to acknowledge what’s true. When we don’t acknowledge, it pops up again like a “whack-a-mole”. 


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