Astrology & Choice… How your Sun Sign affects your choices

(Originally Published 9/9/11)
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“It’s not what happens to you,
but how you react to it that matters…”
—Epictetus (55-135) Greek Philosopher

How do you choose to respond to your life today? That might sound like a strange question coming from an astrologer, huh? Many seem to think that astrology will tell you how you should respond, and I’m here to “tell ya” that’s not true.

Under certain planetary influences, Astrologers of old warned, “don’t go out today there are bad omens…” (Who knows, maybe that’s what inspired Epictetus’ quote?) I’ve heard of contemporary astrologers telling their clients whom they would marry, down to their hair color! “Hogwash!” I say. Many astrologers may rail against what I’m about to say, and that’s OK: Astrology is a valuable tool for understanding a great many things, but it doesn’t set your “fate” in stone. Horary Astrologers place a great deal of weight on their predictions, and while I honor and appreciate their craft, that’s not my deal.

I am an Astrological Soul Development Coach and that means that my astrological tools support my clients in being in the driver’s seat of their lives. While certain influences may appear in our day, as Epictetus said, it’s not what happens, but how we react to it that matters.

Astrological Soul Development Coaching helps you to decide how you want to respond to what life brings you. While certain tendencies may exist in your astrological make up, you still get to decide what you are going to do. Every day, we get to choose.

  • If your Sun’s in Aries, you might tend to respond rashly, or you may take the lead by choosing to look before you leap.
  • As a Taurus Sun you may stubbornly resist change, or you may just want to chew on it a while.
  • With a Sun in Gemini you may make excuses & talk people’s ears off, or you may decide to access your own tremendous database.
  • If you are a Cancer Sun you may try to manipulate the situation to “stay safe”, or you may choose to own the power of your emotions.
  • If your Sun is in Leo you may want to direct the show, or you may decide to share the limelight and create a brighter project through collaboration.
  • The Sun in Virgo may make you stress every detail, or you could choose to delight in your ability to see all the many possibilities.
  • If you’re a Libra Sun you might ask what the other person thinks, or you could choose to recognize and value your own significant contribution.
  • If you’re a Scorpio Sun, you might suspect a hidden agenda, or you could use that laser-like mind and dig deeper to find the truth underneath.
  • As a Sagittarius Sun you may charmingly try to teach why yours is the better approach, or you may choose to learn from your own vast experience and take some advice.
  • With a Sun in Capricorn you will have the whole thing planned out to the letter and have it completed by the end of this sentence! Or, you may empower others through allowing them to contribute thereby sharing the responsibility.
  • As an Aquarian Sun, you may want to present the most shocking possibility, or you may choose to observe and enjoy the foibles of your human family.
  • If your Sun is in Pisces, you may acquiesce to the group, because “nothing is real anyway,” or you may sweetly remind us all of the magic in our shared experience!


(That is, unless your Moon is in another sign… (which it likely is) and then it’s a whole other kettle of fish.)

So, which side of your Solar Nature do you choose to support? When you’re being intentional, what kinds of actions make you feel the most authentic? Who do you know yourself to be?

Astrological coaching can help you navigate both the waters of your tendencies as well as the oceans of choices available to you.

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