Why “Surviving” is Killing You

"Killing Time" by Alisa Gonzalez
"Killing Time" is Killing You

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Yup, that’s right. “Killing time” is killing you.

You, with the baffled expression on your face staring into the computer screen, you are here for a reason…

Whether you believe in a “higher power” or not, there is something you are uniquely suited for, your “gift”, something that brings some light into the eyes, hearts and lives of others; some “luminance”. Do I know what it is? No… but you do, you just don’t recognize it.

You see your gift everyday. It’s that thing you do, for a moment, that makes you feel like a little kid who just learned how to tie your shoes… And it’s frequently something you do for other people. Sometimes it’s as simple as making someone smile, of reminding them that there’s more to life than merely surviving it.

As I mentioned in my post “Riding the Wave“, when you’re living in “survival mode” in a perpetual state of feeling “overwhelmed” you’re not living your life; you’re wasting it away.

Survival mode is the dead-end where your Saboteur has you convinced that there are no choices; that you are a victim to life’s circumstances, and “it’s just the way it is”. It is the most expensive way to live because it steals your life, and in so doing, it robs the rest of us of the unique contribution you bring to the mix. (Think of the film “It’s a Wonderful Life” for more on this concept.) As the “devil you know”, survival mode is a pattern of discomfort that’s so familiar that it requires no “thought” and, while painful, it requires no risk. Or is that true? Your Saboteur would like you to believe that so it can keep its job of whispering those awful things into your inner-ears. What’s the risk of listening to your Saboteur? A life of regret.

Stepping out of survival mode, and into real life, requires a radical leap of faith; an inner knowing that no matter what your Saboteur says to you, you can create a life you can be proud of; yes, You Can.

What’s the next step?

  • Recognize if you’re living in Survival Mode, and make a change: Do you frequently feel anxious, panicky, overwhelmed? Have moments of joy become scarce? It’s time to take that leap of faith.
  • Acknowledge what you know you can do. As my buddy says, “Everybody’s got a “superpower”.” What’s yours?
  • Spend time with people you love who love you. Ask them why they love you, and tell them in return.
  • Make others smile (you know how!).
  • Be honest and authentic with yourself and with the world…

What are you “not doing” that you know you could be doing, if only you would stop listening to the voice of your Saboteur? What you long to do, more than anything else, is actually why you are here; it’s that unique offering that you bring to the mix… And we are all wanting for you to bring it.

Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

Podcast Song Credit: “Who You Were Born to Be” by Bliss, ©2003 Blissful Records

Art Credit: Alisa Gonzalez: “Killing Time”

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