Vacation Retrograde

Sea of Cortez, Paradise in Mexico
Sea of Cortez… Paradise in Mexico

After years of doing astrological charts, I’ve rarely written about astrological events. This Mercury Retrograde phase has appropriately inspired me to revisit this fact.

Currently, Mercury is retrograde (11/24/11-12/13/11) in the fire sign of Sagittarius; which means that it’s a time to step back and reflect (Mercury retrograde), bring more play (fire) into life and consider things Sagittarian, like travel… So off to beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico we went! (Sure, there were delayed flights, electronic malfunctions, rescheduled activities, and messed-up reservations, but heck you’ve got to be somewhere during a retrograde! Give me the Sun!)

While in Mexico my husband and I were approached, not once but twice, about purchasing a time-share. As it happens, we had foolishly purchased a time-share while on vacation back in March just as Mercury was going retrograde into Aries (3/30/11-4/22/11). And here we were again, considering another timeshare while Mercury was retrograde in Sagittarius! For several days, we re-evaluated our previous purchase because it did not reflect our vacation-style and we decided to sell it and get out! “Vacation Retrograde” (or re-exploring how we like to play/travel) = Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius.

So, how is this Mercury retrograde showing up in your life? The decisions you made since the last Mercury retrograde (or even a prior one!), will tend to re-surface and you will be asked to re-explore all your possibilities toward building a future that inspires you and supports your creativity in communicating who you are. (Sound like the motto of any coaches you know? 😉 ) This will be particularly true for you if you have a fire Sun, or have a lot of fire in your chart, or if you are a “Mercurian.” (Lots of Gemini, or Virgo.)

So… How are you creativly supporting your most inspiring future and life? If you’re not, perhaps it’s time to reconsider.

Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

P.S. Here’s a little video clip to get you into contemplation mode… enjoy!

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