The Gratitude Biscotti

The Heart of the Biscotti
Love is everywhere if you look for it.

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It all started last night…

My mentor insisted that I watch “The Secret”. This time I actually did as she suggested. šŸ˜‰

If you haven’t seen this film, or read the book by Rhonda Byrne, you really need to. This book/film will change your life if you choose to let it.

Many of you will already be familiar with the concepts in this film, and others of you will consider it “new” good news. In either case I want you all to take it to heart: Life provides us with what we focus upon the most.

A deceptively simple example: my husband Andrew was helping me to improve my cornering skills while driving. He said, “You need to focus upon where you want to go. If you focus upon the closest part of the curve, that’s where you will go… right into the wall.” For me this was a tremendous leap of faith. Myopically, my urge was to keep a tight focus upon what was right in front of me, which resulted in a very jumpy experience as I white-knuckled through the turn. As soon as I focused upon where I actually wanted to go, the turn becameĀ completely smooth.

When we focus upon the immediate feelings we may be having of fear, lack and pain… that’s what we’ll receive more of. When we expand our focus to include all that we have… we get more of what we are grateful for.

In a nutshell, “The Secret” is about the life changing benefits of living in gratitude.

So where does the biscotti come in? This morning I awoke with a profound sense of gratitude for all the joy, love and abundance that comprises my life. The coffee in the pot was piping hot, and I reached for my favorite mug, which I received from my Mom when I was 12 years old. (Today’s her birthday: Happy Birthday Mom!)

My Cup Runneth Over With Coffee

The heart at the top of the mug always makes me smile when I take my first sip… I dipped a yummy hazelnut biscotti into my coffe, took a bite and saw it there. A perfect heart on my favorite breakfast treat!

(For all you New Yorkers, and “non-crunchies”put aside your cynicism for a moment and allow your heart to hear these words…)Ā Open your eyes to all the love, joy, support, and friendship that is all around you. Allow your mind to settle upon the good that is truly here upon this planet, in all the forms it takes. If what we want for the world is peace, love, connection and compassion, then that is what we need to see in the faces of everyone we encounter. Whether or not they are feeling it themselves in this moment. It is there… look for it.

Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

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  1. Cecilia says:

    Christine, Holy Biscotti!! You can’t make that up!! Completely believe that what you focus on will manifest itself…So when a person complains about this thing and that person, it surprises them when I say, “so this is what you want….” and I am not asking a question, I am a telling them that fact, it is what they want because that is what they are thinking and talking about…it is usually a reflective moment for the person….i love it!!
    It’s true that world peace will not happen unless each and every person has it already in their being…
    …and belated Happy Birthday to your mom…
    Keep the inspiration coming…


    1. Christine says:

      Dear Cecilia,
      Thanks so much for your response! That biscotti was quite inspirational! And I’m with you… living in peace in your heart is a powerful component of peace for the planet. It is my belief that as individuals, we manifest what we focus upon, so how much more powerfully do we manifest as a species? The power of our collective consciousness is tremendous and it starts in our own hearts. The power of conscious positivity has been shown to be measureably more potent than the power of negativity. Therefore, the more we can maintain a life that reflects our conscious choices to live with peace in our hearts, the more peace we can generate for the global good.
      Thanks again for writing!


  2. Cousin Em says:

    Oh, dearest Cousin. What a wonderful bouquet of words you have gathered together. It gives me a deep sense of vitality and connectedness to read your writings. I have had many “heart” shaped sightings in the last few years. While yours are with breakfast, mine have been etched into the sides of rocks. The collection grows. I am so thrilled at this turn in your life. Simply, I love you, Cuz! See you soon.
    xoxoxo, Emilie


    1. Christine says:

      Dear Cuz,
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Yours is an inspiring heart! Thank you for blessing us with it!
      Much love back!


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