We Need You…

Uncle Sam pointing At You
Nothing worth having was ever attained without fear.

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“In this economy” that’s the recurrent phrase that keeps popping up.

“In this economy, you can’t________” fill in the blank.

  • “Start a business”,
  • “Raise your rates/ask for a raise”,
  • “Change your job/career”,
  • “Do want you want to,”
  • Take risks…

That’s really it, right? “In this economy you can’t take risks…

Like the audience at a bullfight the moment before the matador is gored or the bull collapses, we are caught in the deep pause before the collective “gasp”. We’re turning blue, and it’s really us in the ring. Life is not “over there”… it’s “over here”.

Life itself is risk.

There is nothing in life that does not comprise facing and overcoming some type of risk.

  • Crossing the street risks getting hit by a car.
  • Taking a sip of your coffee risks burning your tongue.
  • Saying “I love you” risks not hearing the same in return.
  • Hiding out at a job you despise risks numbing your heart and deadening your soul.

Am I advocating leaving your job, or declaring your heart’s truth?


What I am saying for sure is know your heart. Know it and honor it by making a plan. It takes good care of you, your heart, beating away incessantly in your chest for years and years and years. Give it something to beat faster for. Honor its duty by listening to its pleas. What does your heart want, really? What does it cry out for in the middle of the night?

Make it so… Exhale…

Look around. How many people do you know that are deeply contented with the status quo? Is life merely about survival? When do we get to thrive? On the weekend? When we make “X” dollars? Next year? When we retire? Never?

Nothing worth having was ever attained without fear.

To a great extent, we have become a culture frozen in amber. Convinced that we have no options, we remain paralyzed in place.

Perhaps it’s time for a leap of faith? Make a plan, define a clear path, and then take the steps towards your goal.

Rather than one of two options: a) quit your job, or b) stay miserable… How about one of many alternate approaches?

  1. create a vision of what you want,
  2. do the research,
  3. write the business plan (the resume, the business proposal, the corporate challenge…),
  4. start making connections,
  5. reach out to investors/supporters/colleagues,
  6. get it started on the side/underground/behind the scenes.

And then quit your job/ask for the promotion/deploy your vision…
I get it, I do… this business of change can be terrifying. But so too is the vision of your death-bed “if only’s”.

We need you out here. We need your vision. We need your leadership… Think of me as Uncle Sam: “We Need You!

Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

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