The Blessings of the Saboteur

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Dragon Protecting it's Gold...
From: Image from Dungeon Planet

She’s lost it, right? How can we possibly call that little voice that tells us we’re crap, a blessing? Hmm… I’m about to let you in on a little secret that your Saboteur is going to really hate. You ready? When your Saboteur raises its nasty little head and starts putting you down, or telling you “you can’t”, “shouldn’t”, “mustn’t”, “are not worthy”… pay very close attention. What’s going on in your life? Chances are excellent that you are getting:

  • too close to what you really want, or worse,
  • being who you really are…
  • Chances are that you are shining brightly.

How is this a blessing?

Think about it… the next time you find you are hanging out in “crappy-land,” think about the vehicle that brought you there. Your Saboteur likes to tell you the opposite of what’s actually true.

How it unfolds…

  1. You have a thought about inventing a new gizmo, it’ll do this and that… a miraculous invention!
  2. What happens next? “It’s already been invented,” your Saboteur whispers. “Who do you think you are, Thomas Edison?” it snickers. “You’ll never get the funding,” it quips.
  3. And then what? Nada… nothing, niente, you’re done… get back into your little box and shut the heck up, right?

(I sure wouldn’t be sitting here typing this blog if Steve Jobs had listened to his Saboteur… Think Different.)

[pullquote]The Saboteur can be likened to the dragon guarding the gold. [/pullquote]But what really happened here? You have brilliant ideas! Your mind is powerfully innovative! You are tapped into a need that will make the lives of others simpler, or more fulfilling or just plain fun! And yes, there may be some risks involved and that’s what the Saboteur is claiming to protect you from. Is that really what’s going on? Is the Saboteur protecting you… or is it just worried about its own job security?

The Saboteur can be likened to the dragon guarding the gold. If you get to the gold, it’s out of a job.

[pullquote]When you find yourself in the grip of the Saboteur, ask yourself, “What gold is this Dragon hiding?” Then go in after it… [/pullquote]In Debbie Ford’s The Secret of the Shadow (her term for the Saboteur) she indicates that the Shadow (and its stories) actually represent your greatest gifts to the world. Think on that for a moment. You can choose to stay in the grips of the Saboteur, listening to its nasty words like poor Gollum in The Lord of the Rings, or you can begin to ask yourself what gift lies behind this monster guarding the mouth of the cave? When you find yourself in its grip, you get to choose where you want to go from there.

You know what I’m about to say, right?

Always infinite possibilities… always your choice.

12 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    Great advice — and, as it happens, great timing for me personally. Thanks, Christine!


    1. Christine says:

      Good to hear from you! I’m glad that the timing is resonant for you…
      Every now and then, when I hear that pissy voice chime in, I manage a smile and think, “What are you up to in there? What don’t you want me to see?” When that happens I feel a small sense of victory, as a somewhat grudging dialogue is taking place between the two ends of the spectrum within myself: that which wants me to soar and that which wants to keep me down.
      What is your experience?
      All the best,


  2. Sharon says:

    Love it Christine – the whole package it great


    1. Christine says:

      Thanks Sharon!


  3. Victoria says:

    Thanks for sharing Christine!! Keeping on course on this end:-)
    Coffee soon!


    1. Christine says:

      Yaay! Keep it going lady! Good stuff! Talk soon!


  4. Zack says:

    it just so happens that january 17th is traditionally the most miserable date of the year, so great timing for this post Christine! i feel uplifted!


    1. Christine says:

      I’m happy the timing is good! January 17th, eh? I’ll have to look into that… good to know. 😉


  5. Debby Lissaur says:

    Great insight and great tool to use when you are in the thick of “can’t”
    to snap yourself out of it.


    1. Christine says:

      To me, when I see the truth of this, it’s like the dragon suddenly shrinks, “squeaks” and slinks behind a rock. What’s of note is that it’s not really the dragon that got any smaller, it’s me who has assumed my correct size.
      Thanks for the comment Debby!


  6. una hunt says:

    Thanks for the reminder Christine,and very timely indeed, all the best for 2011,Una.


    1. Christine says:

      Thanks Una! And to you as well!


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